15 November 2005

Used to have a little now I have a lot....


Okay, so one of the main problems with living the thug life & holding down a menial retail job at the same time...even if it *is* at an independent bookstore which is apparently not as bad as say...working at one of those cell-phone kiosks in the mall..is that my bling be constantly smashed & bashed around by books.
Not no more...I have solved the problem thusly:


Hype, right? But don't be fooled by the rocks that I got, I just drew 'em on a cardboard box.

I know it's not really a craft, but still, it took precious time out of my work day to make that "watch" & that "bracelet"

Last weekend I went to New York City with some awesome friends & I made friends with this guy:


The Dzama show brought tears to my eyes, it was amazing to see his stuff up close - and even more amazing to see his life sized tree person & bears & giant blue head w/ eye patch. -sigh- We also saw the Yoshitomo Nara show which was more cute than words can describe & some other art shows that I forget. But everything was great, except for the rain.

While in New York I made lots of jokes, but no crafts. I didn't even buy any crafting supplies. boooo.

Okay! It's getting cold but I'm totally not even going to be affected by it because I knit this jaunty little neckwarmer!


Speaking of keeping necks warm, I'm going to donate handknit scarves to a shelter at the beginning of November - so get in touch with me if there's something You'd like to contribute.

I started making a skirt that is pretty much a burberry knock-off & it looks pretty good, I just need to put a waistband on it.