27 April 2006


I did it! I did it! I freaking knit a pair of socks! I knit one! And then I knit the other one! I knit them both!

I have to say - at the start of this knitting project I was all "size 1 needles? WHAT?" "fingering yarn is so teeny! WHAT!?" But I plugged on & I even experienced the thrill I've heard other knitters get when they get to the turning of the heel! I looked forward to getting to the second sock so I could do it again!
Using the DG Confetti Self striping yarn probably helped me get through it since I was super excited to watch the stripes develop. (Nevermind that a snarky co-worker of mine, upon seeing the self striping remarked "Isn't that cheating? Isn't that like painting with a tree shaped brush?" Yeah, don't worry - I took care of that fool in the alley after work. PAH-PAOW!

The socks are for Gord & hopefully they don't spark the dreaded "Boyfriend sweater curse!"
dun dun dunnn!

26 April 2006

what the what?

I've been a busy little crafting bee - I really, truly have. But troubles at home mean I'm unable to update my blog with pictures of stuff I've actually made.
Our phone is busted.
We switched service providers in the fall & there have been tons of trouble ever since -now it's affecting our internet & I'm stuck with nothing.

But this morning, after a bunch of exasperated sighs I think I talked them into giving us a break on our next bill. That doesn't help me when I'm desperate to show everyone my very first pair of knit socks and the progress I've made on Susannah's Shrug, and a picture of me wearing my brand new Erica Weiner Necklace (I got the scissors necklace - they really open & close!)

No, that's when credit on our next bill or sending a technician to our house on Saturday really does nothing to help me now - when I want to show you pictures!

It does, however, open the door for me to do some nerdy knitting book reviews. I'll most likely be unemployed in the upcoming weeks so I've been stocking up on books while I still have the luxury of buying them at a discount.

Knitting Nature by Nora Gaughan is one hot piece of knitting action. I'm sure that when I go to knit one of the delicious patterns from this that I'll find most of the pages stuck together. it's that great. The book is divided up into sections of patterns inspired by nature. Hexagons, spirals, waves, etc. The photography is stunning & the text is so clearly written I'm sure an experienced beginner would be able to get through some of these patterns.

Mason-Dixon Knitting by Kaye Gardiner and Ann Meador Shayne is an incredibly high priced book that has the most beautiful little treasures inside that you soon forget you paid so much for it. (well, it was easy for me to forget since I sort of got it for free...but seriously, I'd pay good money for this! even almost full price!) I've been a big fan of their blog for a long time now & was thrilled at the news that a book was being released. Knit Log cabin quilt? Yes! spiraly rug? Yes *please!* hilarious stories of why they thought to knit a lacy window covering? And how! Delightful! These woman have a zest for life, love their craft, and encourage you to forge your own way in the world of knitting & crafting & I wish everyone had a little of their spirit in them.

Home by Debbie Bliss is sitting on my bookshelf, waiting to be cracked into & the pages marked with stickies simply because the key to my heart lays within the well worn pattern of the bedsheets of my youth - the blanket on the cover of the book is it *exactly* & I want to knit it in giant panels that will cover every single wall in my apartment. Besides the awesome blanket pattern there's a bunch of other lovely things in here & Debbie Bliss is kind of like the Fannie Farmer of knitting - so you can't really go wrong.

and lastly but not leastly...
Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee.
Is it possible to have a totally platonic knitting crush on someone? Is it possible to wonder what they're doing throughout the day.....? Because Ever since I found her blog & then especially after I read her Yarn Harlot Book I've been giving major mad props to Stephanie. I even once heard myself give a Reading Rainbow style review to a customer. And Knitting Rules! Is no different - jammed with tips & techniques and hilarious knitting stories I have this on my bedside table & I want to start a Stephanie Pearl-McPhee fanclub. I want to make a film adaptation of her blog! of her books! I want to be her for Halloween!

18 April 2006

Jewel encrusted sweater puppies

When it's a princess' birthday she deserves only the very best. And if that princess has a blog named jewelencrustedpuppy then she deserves something like these:

check out these puppies!

I cut out the hugest pictures of diamonds I could find....did the same with little beagle puppy photos - glued them onto cardstock, covered it all in packing tape & re-cut them. I finished them off by putting earring bits on em & voila!

rocks everyone can enjoy!!

12 April 2006

trapped in the closet.....

The other night I was telling Gord about R. Kelly's awesomely epic video 'Trapped in the Closet'. Deciding it needed to be seen to be believed we sat infront of my slow little computer last night & watched all 12 chapters on youtube.com. It took a cool hour and a half. And worth every minute.

Today it is raining & I can think of nothing more I'd like than to be sitting in my living room, knitting & watching it *again*. This morning I even went back to the website & watched some of his other videos - my favourite being 'wind up'.

It got me thinking though - I wouldn't mind being trapped in my closet for a while - the sewing room closet needs a lot of organizing & as part of 'use what I have' month (which I may extend to May!!...yeeee-oinks!) I really should sift through all of it & make little bags & creatures & sundresses & quilts out of it all. I've also decided that this year will be a 100% handcrafted holiday for me. If you are on my christmas list your gift will be born of my blood, sweat & tears....and of my mistakes because I sometmes do things when I'm perhaps a little ... lets say 'out of sorts.'

And to be sure this post is at least a little relevant:

Check out this mega gigantic rug!!

more of it can be found here.
if you click on the little flock of sheep on the right hand side you can see more photos & they will blow your mind. honest.

What does R. Kelly have to do with a giant rug knit from the wool of 18 sheep? There's probably some way to connect it.

11 April 2006

on little cat feet!

Spring has sprung & not a moment too soon have I finished my spring jacket - I *love* it. It's made of a lightweight wool with brown piping - and chocolate brown lining. I haven't perfected bound buttonholes yet though - so the buttons I bought are a smidge too big but I bought new ones that are a little smaller.

Here she is before I finished the facing & the hem but it turned out really nicely & I'm thinking I should make myself a bunch of spring jackets. You know.....be one of those people with lots of nice jackets..... the same people who have multiple pairs of eyeglasses & give off an air of put-togetherness that people with only one pair of glasses can never have.

Yeah....one of those people.

05 April 2006

ugg-y goodness.

Contrary to what my posts may have you believe, I actually *DO* still craft. I've been knitting like crazy & for a couple of weeks now I've started to feel the pain of legions of knitters who work & work but have nothing to show for it. Until now. I finally have a completed project to post & I couldn't be more tickled with them!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Baby Uggs!

The pattern was really easy to follow & a pretty fast knit and best of all, it's available for free from here.

I'm going to start knitting only for babies since everything is extra cute & small & therefore quick to knit up.

will work for food.

It's sad to realize I spend 42.5 hours a week doing something that brings me no joy. Although, this morning a woman came in with her 4 month old Pug & let me hold it. That made things better for a bit.

About a week ago I had my first job interview in a long time - an icebreaking interview for a job that I would have ben thrilled to be hired for. A job in the *industry* a job where I would *learn*. The owner extolled the virtues of her staff to me in the interview & my eyes could hardly keep in the tears of jealousy. A boss that actually *appreciates* her staff? Sign me up!

I didn't get the job. But I've been sending my resume out to any job that sounds even remotely better than the one I'm currently withering away in.

I did, however, put together this modest little website with the help of the bbfe!, and it's really made me realize that I *do* have the talent to do more with my day that organize invoices & ring through newspapers & be belittled by a boss I no longer respect.