27 April 2006


I did it! I did it! I freaking knit a pair of socks! I knit one! And then I knit the other one! I knit them both!

I have to say - at the start of this knitting project I was all "size 1 needles? WHAT?" "fingering yarn is so teeny! WHAT!?" But I plugged on & I even experienced the thrill I've heard other knitters get when they get to the turning of the heel! I looked forward to getting to the second sock so I could do it again!
Using the DG Confetti Self striping yarn probably helped me get through it since I was super excited to watch the stripes develop. (Nevermind that a snarky co-worker of mine, upon seeing the self striping remarked "Isn't that cheating? Isn't that like painting with a tree shaped brush?" Yeah, don't worry - I took care of that fool in the alley after work. PAH-PAOW!

The socks are for Gord & hopefully they don't spark the dreaded "Boyfriend sweater curse!"
dun dun dunnn!

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brianna said...

Oh wow! Well done! Those look super cute and comfy. I've only knit a scarf before. I am terrified at the idea of trying to knit a sock. You are very inspiring though!