30 September 2006

driveway to driveway....

Today I nestled into my sewing room, revisited some old favourite records & went to work on an idea I was hoping would turn out....
I wanted to extend the Built by Wendy blouse pattern (Simplicity 4111) into a dress. Could I do it? Turns out I could - quite successfully!

The fabric is from my stash - satin-y brown stuff with a geometic square pattern all over it. Not something I'd normally wear, but I needed it for a draping class I took about 5 years ago. We were told we needed 3 yards & of course I ended up using less than one. So it's been sitting in my collection for far too long. I figured if it didn't work out then it'd be no big loss. I also intended this to be a trial run & wasn't *really* expecting to like the finished dress as much as I think I do.

A close-up of the pattern:

The buttons on the front get a little lost with all the hooplah of the squares, but it's totally still cute.

Now I just need someone to take me somewhere where I can wear a satin-y dress. Anyone?.... Any takers?..... no?...

And about the "awesome graffiti" I made reference to in my last post..here's what remained of it when I finally got to take a picture:

It says "Sarah Polly is fucking GAY!" but the rainy weather we've been having washed away the good parts.

28 September 2006


The first time we noticed it was a couple of weeks ago. A scraping, a desperate noise of something that wanted OUT. A digging. A faint sound of crumbling. And then running.
There's something living in our walls - I'm sure of it. But they must have a daytime gig elsewhere because the noises only start happening at about 5:30pm. It sounds CRAZY. It's terrifying. It sounds big & hungry - like our house is alive & it hates us.

When I did a google image search for a suitable picture by typing in "Animals in walls" this came up:

Yeah, I *wish* it was that cute..... it's fucking nuts.

For those of you thinking "hmmm...pretty lame blog entry, Nicole" - You're right, and I have but one excuse - I have a lot of knitting in progress, so photos of that sort of thing are never that interesting....last weekend I went to Andrea's & Rachel's house for my friend Mary's birthday. The two were such gracious hostesseseses that I left their house a little tiny bit too full of wine & did something to my knee that made it so I couldn't walk properly for a couple of days. How does an injury like that keep me from awesome blogging? It doesn't, but when a girl needs an excuse, she'll take what she can get. And also I have about a billion ideas swimming around in my head but I don't want to share them until I have them set in motion. I don't want to jinx it. Wait...that's three excuses.

However, I keep passing one of the most awesome bits of graffiti on my way to work & tomorrow I'm bringing my camera so that I can share it with all of you. Today I saw the FATTEST cat in the whole entire city & I wished so bad that I had my camera - he was like a real life Garfield! mental note: bring camera everywhere - having camera at all times sets you on the path to righteous blogging.

(note to blogger - um, hey, how about doing something with your spell check function? I mean... the word *BLOG* isn't even in its dictionary......dude. come on.)

18 September 2006

One Man's Trash...

So.....Garage Sales eh? Gord's mother is a master. She can weave her way through sales like no one I've ever met before. She uses a sweet but firm tone with them when suggesting a price for objects already stickered at a different, higher price. She gets what she wants.

This weekend I had the pleasure of going Garage Saleing with the Highs & I think these two scores speak for themselves:

Pin-Up girl beer mug (here I am drinking Soy Milk out of it.)
And another highly hilarious Beer mug!

When I got to the High's house on Friday night, Arlene had a little basket full of goodies she had picked up for me along her Garage Sale escapades:

Awesome button necklace!
And this *adorable* 'Knit Toys' book!

And some knitting needles & crochet hooks. I can't believe how thoughtful she is!

Last week the new Knitty came out & I was pleased to see the pattern for Ivy in there. I've been trying to find just the right sweater to knit for my sister this Christmas but couldn't find anything that screamed "Smelly Melly" to me (I'm "Sticky Nicky"...and my parents are rpoud of us, I'm sure) But Ivy is just the perfect thing. I bought some yarn & cast on for it on Thursday. Last night I just finished the back & it looks *lovely*. I'll post progress pics later on. But right now I got to get my Casserole Monday on!

12 September 2006

Sweet child o' mine.

(I tried to get fancy with font size but I ended up messing it all up and now I'm super tired & don't feel like fixing it.)

I really do do more than just knit all the time - I'm often out experiencing awesome times with my awesome friends & I've decided to start sharing that stuff more on my blog.

This past Saturday Gord & I packed our bindles & set out to the Toronto Botanical Gardens to see my friend Krondor Stephen get married to his lovely lady Lorraine.

The ceremony was touching, the bride and groom were handsome & beautiful & Gord I were *starving. (This is forshadowing) After they said their "I Do's" there were cocktails & appetizers & funtime chit-chat. Unfortunately for me, there was far more wine than there was delicious little brie & Asparagus cups so it didn't take long for me to get high on the sass-o-meter.

Maybe it had something to do with the field of mushrooms we happened upon.
You know, I'm 30 now, and every once in a while I'm slapped in my (still extremely young looking) face with little social intricacies that I know nothing about. For instance, when we sat down to dinner I felt like a hillbilly bumpkin on account of I didn't know where to put my (crazy adorable merimekko) clutch. It wasn't until my 4th glass of wine that I noticed little clutches sitting neatly under the chairs of their owners. That's when I became.....a woman.

It should be noted here that I don't *really* think this photo is blog material, but as one of my few memories of the evening is of me exclaiming "I'm going to put this on my blog!" after I took this, I feel I should honour my own promise.

I also said I'd blog this photo:

It's well lit, so it at least looks a little classy.

My next social faux-pas came when I eagerly poured wine into my champagne glass. Egg on my face! Isn't it funny how far more dramatic situations seem when you're drunk. I mean, I felt this was photo worthy.

When clearly, it is not.

This however, was. A CANDY BUFFET!

I think i ate some jelly beans and a mini Goodbar. I don't remember. I realize these photos don't look all that "crazy" but imagine the hilarious audio dialogue that would have accompanied these photos....for 6 hours straight!

Gord really does deserve a round of applause for putting up with me. But hey, I came home with a bunch of condoms, some dental floss & a jar of Advil, so it's not like I didn't make up for my shinanigans. (They were COMPLIMENTARY in the women's washroom....free for the taking. I chose to fill my bra with them. That's what it was FOR.)

The next day was spent rejuvinating & finishing these Jaywalkers....for me!

09 September 2006


zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........Wha? oh. Wha? I forgot. This is a blog...*MY* blog where I'm supposed to showcase my hilarity & clever ideas & be witty & stuff.

I just read through some posts from the last little while & I think I owe everyone an apology.

This blog is JANK!

Stay tuned for a more *exciting* blog - with drawings! and jokes! and no more just "here are some socks I knit." "Here is a sweater I knit."

My promise to *you* is more ROFLs per post! More LOLs per post! More OMGs!!!