28 August 2011

Summer comes undone.

I'm sitting in the Living Room & for the first time in months, there is a cool breeze coming through the window.

This summer has been good. Really good. At the beginning of July G ended up getting Pneumonia and a fungal lung infection (don't worry! it gets better!). He was in a bad way for a couple of weeks. Despite being on a pretty crazy cocktail of antibiotics & feeling pretty crummy, he never spent a day in bed - he got up, got dressed & did the day.

I've filed this under the 'Count your blessings where you find them' category because his Dr decided to put his chemo on hold so that he could properly recover from the infections. G recovered fairly quickly (although still has some of the fungal infection) and so we were set loose. Nothing to do but nothing. We Lazily started our days making delicious breakfasts. Afternoon walks & naps. Playing & cuddling with Frances - still pretty amazed that she's ours.

She's growing so fast (already 4 1/2 months!) and what a beauty she is. I can already tell she's going to have a good sense of humour & she's really agreeable & easy going.

We went away to a cottage with G's family for 5 days. Amazing to get away - and I was sure to drink up every moment of it. All of this living it up made it easy to forget what else is going on in our lives..... oh yeah...... Leukemia.

I just want more of this. Forever. A peaceful trio: G+N+F. Is it so much to ask? Is it too much to hope for?

When we got home from our mini vacation there was a message from PMH saying they had a date for the transplant. October 12th. He'll be admitted on the 6th. In the meantime he's back on chemo to keep him in remission. Back to reality.