13 July 2011

how it's done.

Yesterday we sat in a room and waited. For a very, very long time. Gord's mom & dad & I finally met with the transplant team to find out what we can expect from his BMT.

It was pretty surreal - the Dr spoke so factually. They will kill all of G's marrow with mega-chemo & full body radiation - make all his blood counts bottom out at zero, fill him back up with stem cells from someone else. Some unknown person somewhere out there in the world. He went through the risks, of which there are many: cataracts, skin problems, mouth sores, future cancers, relapse of his own disease, organ failure..and more. He went over the pro: the disease could be gone.

I sat as I always do, taking in the information like a sponge, probably looking pretty nonplussed. Truth of the matter is I was listening to someone explain to me the mortality rates & percentages of success in relation to my partner, my best friend, the father of my baby - the man I knew I wanted to spend my olden years with within the first week of knowing him. For me there is no other option. He's got to get through it.