18 September 2006

One Man's Trash...

So.....Garage Sales eh? Gord's mother is a master. She can weave her way through sales like no one I've ever met before. She uses a sweet but firm tone with them when suggesting a price for objects already stickered at a different, higher price. She gets what she wants.

This weekend I had the pleasure of going Garage Saleing with the Highs & I think these two scores speak for themselves:

Pin-Up girl beer mug (here I am drinking Soy Milk out of it.)
And another highly hilarious Beer mug!

When I got to the High's house on Friday night, Arlene had a little basket full of goodies she had picked up for me along her Garage Sale escapades:

Awesome button necklace!
And this *adorable* 'Knit Toys' book!

And some knitting needles & crochet hooks. I can't believe how thoughtful she is!

Last week the new Knitty came out & I was pleased to see the pattern for Ivy in there. I've been trying to find just the right sweater to knit for my sister this Christmas but couldn't find anything that screamed "Smelly Melly" to me (I'm "Sticky Nicky"...and my parents are rpoud of us, I'm sure) But Ivy is just the perfect thing. I bought some yarn & cast on for it on Thursday. Last night I just finished the back & it looks *lovely*. I'll post progress pics later on. But right now I got to get my Casserole Monday on!

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Caroline said...

Hey Nicole,

Thanks for the kind words! Maybe you want to take part in a little competition I have a brewing to get me and my friends through the looming Project Runway dry-spell:


I only just started, and am going to put it out there in the blog world shortly, so don't be too underwhelmed by the content!