28 September 2006


The first time we noticed it was a couple of weeks ago. A scraping, a desperate noise of something that wanted OUT. A digging. A faint sound of crumbling. And then running.
There's something living in our walls - I'm sure of it. But they must have a daytime gig elsewhere because the noises only start happening at about 5:30pm. It sounds CRAZY. It's terrifying. It sounds big & hungry - like our house is alive & it hates us.

When I did a google image search for a suitable picture by typing in "Animals in walls" this came up:

Yeah, I *wish* it was that cute..... it's fucking nuts.

For those of you thinking "hmmm...pretty lame blog entry, Nicole" - You're right, and I have but one excuse - I have a lot of knitting in progress, so photos of that sort of thing are never that interesting....last weekend I went to Andrea's & Rachel's house for my friend Mary's birthday. The two were such gracious hostesseseses that I left their house a little tiny bit too full of wine & did something to my knee that made it so I couldn't walk properly for a couple of days. How does an injury like that keep me from awesome blogging? It doesn't, but when a girl needs an excuse, she'll take what she can get. And also I have about a billion ideas swimming around in my head but I don't want to share them until I have them set in motion. I don't want to jinx it. Wait...that's three excuses.

However, I keep passing one of the most awesome bits of graffiti on my way to work & tomorrow I'm bringing my camera so that I can share it with all of you. Today I saw the FATTEST cat in the whole entire city & I wished so bad that I had my camera - he was like a real life Garfield! mental note: bring camera everywhere - having camera at all times sets you on the path to righteous blogging.

(note to blogger - um, hey, how about doing something with your spell check function? I mean... the word *BLOG* isn't even in its dictionary......dude. come on.)

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