09 September 2006


zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........Wha? oh. Wha? I forgot. This is a blog...*MY* blog where I'm supposed to showcase my hilarity & clever ideas & be witty & stuff.

I just read through some posts from the last little while & I think I owe everyone an apology.

This blog is JANK!

Stay tuned for a more *exciting* blog - with drawings! and jokes! and no more just "here are some socks I knit." "Here is a sweater I knit."

My promise to *you* is more ROFLs per post! More LOLs per post! More OMGs!!!



Miss13 said...

For some reason I crawled out of bed. After screwing up my glitter acct, and felting my bag I started socks and checked the massive growing blog roll. Day after day wondering how you are. Love the kittens, adore you to death, cant wait for updates. And now, Coffee :)

knittykat said...

Yeah update more often too ;-)

But I don't think you're boring.

Jessica said...

I'm excited because I read about your socks and stuff out of loyalty, but when the posts get a little personal my interest just piques right up! The way you say funny stuff makes me laugh! And I took your last name off my blog, by the way... but I still hope your mom will be a regular reader.

nicole said...

Jessica - in that case.....Heyawesome(tm) is about to get a whoooole lot more personal! Pazow!