30 August 2006

Cruiser's Creek

CG13 wanted me to update to assure her that I was still alive.

To be honest, I swear I was going to update today anyway. I have things to show!

I've almost finished the bpt cardigan for my mother. I just have to put in a zipper & figure out what to do with the neckline. The pattern calls for a hood but a) my mom doesn't really wear hoodies and b) I don't have enough of this yarn to make one. I'm thinking I'll just do the attached i-cord around there too. To keep things even.

It's totally cute, and once I had the help of knittykat, the pattern made sense & it was smooth sailing. This was my first time doing an attached i-cord & for some reason (instincts? is that you?) I switched from my size 8s & did the cord with a size 6 needle - it turned out just right & I'm hoping those decisions from my gut are my newest knitting skill.

The other night I cast on for the Sienna Cardigan from the new Interweave Knits. I'm trying to use up all my stash yarn so this is knit from plain ole black Lion Brand Wool Ease. It's going so freaking fast that I'm thinking one in brown might be in my future if I like the end result as much as I think I will.

I'm almost done the back! Worsted weight & size 9 needles go wicked fast!

And here's this bit of information. Today is August 30th. August is just about over & I am in awe of my ability to stick to my "no new yarn this month" rule - in fact, I didn't buy any fabric either! I've even put off buying the zipper for bpt so I can say I didn't buy *any* crafty things (except for the new IK & Vogue Knitting) So what if this is due to my inability to manage my money now that I only get paid once a month - but it's good to see a little more room in my stash box(es). Now, if only September would get here.


Miss13 said...

Thanks for updating :-)
I was getting scared, you are on my blog list, so i check on you like at least twice a day. i was getting nervous not seeing an update :)
The sweater looks so great !!
I think an Icord around the top would solve the problem for you. I think Kathy is trying to improvise some changes of her own too that are frustrating her. I am having a bit of a funk with my crap... But that's just another post to make ;)

Glad you are doing well !
You have some serious knit speed lady....

knittykat said...

Your BPT looks great! I'm sure your mom will love it. The problem I'm having is the bottom is rolling up a LOT and so I will have to make something else on the bottom.

Miss13 suggested an applied cable like Samus. I'm thinking of going that way, even if it does mean LOADS of grafting.

I would suggest an applied i-cord around the neck too; I will make a hood if I have enough yarn but I don't think I will if I do the cable thing, so I may be doing something similar.

I was waiting for an update too :-)