13 August 2006


Just moments ago I finally finished Orangina.

It's alright. The pattern was really simple & I loved watching it develop, but maybe I just have to get used to it since I don't have anything else in my wardrobe that looks like this -- my reaction to it when I put it on was 'meh.'

I extended the lace pattern & put less ribbing on the bottom - I wish I had a little more of the yarn because it could stand to be about another inch longer. Speaking of the yarn - yerg!

I used Estelle yarns 'Young Touch' - 100% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton. There was tons of thread seperation & it was hard on my hands - it's also a little too shiney for my tastes, but I'll just suck it up & wear the thing & see how I feel about it after giving it a chance.

All in all, this is a really great pattern - very simple, interesting enough to hold your attention & the end results look impressive. I just don't know if it's all that ideal for my body shape.



Ignoble Jen said...

It looks really good and the yarn may have been trouble but you concurred it and wow it was worth it.

Maybe try a long sleeve top under it? I am a big fan of under and over top wearing. Then I do live in the West of Scotland where it is cold, cold, cold most of the time.

Miss13 said...

You know, I love the pattern of the Orangina, and I totally understand how you feel about it. I have been stalking that pattern, and even wanted to do a version in brown and baby pink, but stopped myself. Stephanie and I have different body types. I am a top heavy hourglass with a ponch belly in the middle.... I just know that my boobs would look gargantuan in that top...Such a shame.. Maybe you could improvise sleeves ?

Either way, you did a beautiful job making it...

me ;)

Jessica said...

Me likee.

Miss13 said...

I've been checking for an update on anything from you ! Lemme know you are still alive girl !!!

cara said...

I really like the black lace over the pink.