11 April 2006

on little cat feet!

Spring has sprung & not a moment too soon have I finished my spring jacket - I *love* it. It's made of a lightweight wool with brown piping - and chocolate brown lining. I haven't perfected bound buttonholes yet though - so the buttons I bought are a smidge too big but I bought new ones that are a little smaller.

Here she is before I finished the facing & the hem but it turned out really nicely & I'm thinking I should make myself a bunch of spring jackets. You know.....be one of those people with lots of nice jackets..... the same people who have multiple pairs of eyeglasses & give off an air of put-togetherness that people with only one pair of glasses can never have.

Yeah....one of those people.


brianna said...

Oh wow! That's gorgeous! Nice job! I have no patience to make jackets... I've only made three nice tailored jackets/coats in my time, and they were all for shows. I can't be bothered doing it for myself. But now you have inspired me!

julielion said...

oooohhh! I LOVE the collar and the fabric is so nice. What a perfect jacket!

nicole said...

Thanks girls! I've been able to wear it quite a bit & I'm really pleased with it. Unfortunately though, May is turning out to be a little too warm for it. -sigh-