05 April 2006

ugg-y goodness.

Contrary to what my posts may have you believe, I actually *DO* still craft. I've been knitting like crazy & for a couple of weeks now I've started to feel the pain of legions of knitters who work & work but have nothing to show for it. Until now. I finally have a completed project to post & I couldn't be more tickled with them!

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Baby Uggs!

The pattern was really easy to follow & a pretty fast knit and best of all, it's available for free from here.

I'm going to start knitting only for babies since everything is extra cute & small & therefore quick to knit up.


pageblank said...

Hey Nicole, have you ever thought of selling your crafts at that C1 Gallery on Ossington? Apparently the lady there says she's always willing to take a look at stuff that local people produce.

dre said...


"Don't be fooled by the boots that she's got...she's the hippest toddler who lives on the block!"

Way to go!