03 May 2006

oh snap!

About 2 months ago as I was doing my version of tidying up my knitting basket I came across a brittany needle. Size 4.0mm. Totally snapped in half. It was hard to tell that it was broken since the knitting was still on the needle & masked the damage - but the limp way the swatch I had been working on hung down suggested there was definitely something wrong.

I wish I could take a picture & show you - because this post would be way more dynamic but since our telephone/internet seems to work only when it wants to, I cannot.

In any case, I e-mailed them since they have a 5 year guarantee on their needles & hooks. I heard from them today saying they were shipping a new needle out to me right away.

I write this entry mostly as a record of when I requested the replacement needle. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

In other needle news -
MISSING: 2 size 2 dpns. Last seen performing a kitchener stitch. Lost somewhere between my living room & my sewing room.

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