19 May 2006

Greetings from Sleeve Island

There's terminology in knitting that non-knitters could never understand. "The Boyfriend Sweater Curse" for instance - and, in my case "Sleeve Island." Sleeve Island is the dreaded place knitters go after knitting the body of a sweater. Some of them never return. Others stay there for quite a while, some speedsters don't even have time to unpack - they're on & off the island lickity split.

I've been overstaying my welcome here at Sleeve Island & the other night after a couple of glasses of wine (okay, okay....a whole bottle - but it was the finale of ANTM!) I sauntered up to that 3/4 knit sleeve & warned it that it was in for a ride.

This is the first time I've ever made up my own pattern - the math involved in the sleeve cap was looming over me & I just couldn't seem to jump into it. But with the help of some liquid courage (is this a sign of me getting old? 'liquid courage' used to mean I had had enough to drink that I could talk to boys in bars - now it means I can muster up the sass to finish a sleeve cap?) I am now able to present to you Sleeve 1/2. The second one should be a snap!

And this shot shows off the length! Susannah is a woman who likes long, long sleeves:

I'm pretty darned happy with how this is turning out, and I just hope that I can get it in the mail to jolly old England in time for their balmy summer.


Susannah said...

Look how perfect the cables are! Look how pink it is! And look how bad your dress form's posture is!

Nicole, don't worry about the weather. It's never too hot for a sweater in England, especially a screaming pink, custom-made one. Just hurry up a little so I can commission my next one.

pageblank said...

That dress form does have bad posture!

nicole said...

The second sleeve is 3/4 done! you'll have it soon susannah!

and about my Judy's posture....

you're right. I was going to argue but then realized I really had no reason to stick up for it.