04 May 2006

ttc...viva....yrt....and me.

I was like Little Orphan Annie, except with better hair & not a red dress but a H&M skirt I made 2 sizes bigger (thank goodness full skirts are in! all that pleated awesome fabric to let out & make into chubby girl clothes. Or "Strong woman" clothes, as the new friend I met today kept referring to me as.

New friend? His name started with an 'A'. I got onto the Viva line after 2 seperate subway rides & one stop later there was a huge accident. The bus driver told me to get off because we weren't going anywhere. She pointed to some random place across the way (the 'way' being Keele street - a pretty big street) I got off the bus (I was the only passenger) & wandered over to where she had pointed. I saw no bus. Not even a bus stop.

I stood there, garment bag over my arm..my cardigan feeling too heavy for the muggy weather, my shoes giving me pretty wicked blisters since it was my first time wearing them sockless. I had *no* idea where I was or what direction I needed to go. This guy said something to me about how big the accident was & I wearily said "I don't even know where I AM!". He offered to drive me to York University which was where I needed to catch the next bus to get to my interview.

I've never, ever hitched a ride with a stranger & I took the sign that I got no creepy vibes from him as a good one. Ironically enough Just last night I watched the episode of Degrassi Junior High where Wheels hitchhikes to find his dad in Port Hope & gets picked up by a pervert who tries to feel his thighs beneath his acid washed jeans.
"If he tries anything," I thought "I'll just jump out of the car & immediately pick up a giant rock to throw at him. Hopefully he throws my World Famous backpack out of the car before he takes off." Because that's just like it happened in Degrassi.

But he didn't. He was just a kind human being doing something nice for someone in need. My ride cost less than a cab would have & the only fare I had to pay was humouring him while he told me how much he loved a 'strong woman' like me. Did I have a boyfriend? Kids? Any single friends who are also 'strong women?'

Save for that small glitch in my public transit knitting marathon, I knit there & back pretty steadily & this is how far I got...

I'm at the heel flap! I'm crazy in love with how this sock is striping! I totally nailed the interview but unfortunately I think the commute really would be just way too much. -sigh-

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Jessica said...

I think your unusual experience getting to your job interview totally means you're going to get the job. You know like when couples have unusual how-we-met stories and then everyone's like, oh, they're going to get married. Besides an hour and a half ain't bad. My commute's two hours a day and I like it!
Good luck!