25 May 2006

Good Crafternoon to you, m'lady!

Things are changing for me - and maybe it's because I turned 30 a couple of months ago & I'm more interested in a more domesticated version of myself, but it's weekends like the one coming up that slap me in the face with the fact that I'm not 'chasing the dragon' (so to speak) like I once was.

Tomorrow is my last day at a job I've held for 5 years. Saying goodbye will be bitter sweet. I've made some really good friends - I've learned the names of most of the dogs that visit with their owners, I made a lot of really great "suits" out of cardboard boxes & sealed some hilarious items in plastic using the fancy machine - but my time has come. Typically, in order to celebrate this monumental occasion, I'd send out an e-blast to all my friends with some hilariously witty title & then I'd celebrate the monumental day by having a whole buncha beer.

So, why won't that be how I celebrate tomorrow?

Because of
this and this. I intend to be shamelessly consumptive...edging on vulgar in my purchases. Afterall, I derserve it! And to be fair, I will get some christmas shopping done. My big plan is to either make all the gifts I give, or to get them from independent designers. No, *seriously!*


Rachel B. said...


There's a Jack Spade catalogue and a copy of "Ewan McGregor: A Force TO Be Reckoned With" at the BIP desk at 501. Are they yours?

nicole said...

heyawesome is a strictly "BC TALK FREE ZONE" from now on in.

although.....the Jack Spade catalogue sounds appealing.

neither of those things are mine.