03 May 2006

rocking on the 3rd.

There's a little something cooking up inside my head & when the time is right I will unleash it. But not yet. But it has something to do with me sharing secrets. Not dirty secrets....although some may be *knitty* gritty.

But secrets like how I totally made these slippers:

I cleaned my whole sewing room (although it still probably looks messy to an outsider eye) and I'm extremely happy to announce the missing dpns have been found.

Where were they?

Oh....you know....where everyone keeps their needles - in an accordian file folder - in the section with all my old zine stuff. (They fell in there. And for some reason - some really crazy reason, I thought "Hey! Maybe I should check to see if they're in there!" And they were! And now everyone can sleep well tonight knowing that it's alright....I found my needles.)

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pageblank said...

Now Nicole, I have no clue what you are referring to in these posts, but I think its totally cool that your blog has become a hardcore knitting blog. And the socks were pretty rad.