16 May 2006

too easy....

Today I discovered how easy it is to spend money without moving more than your fingers. First, I visited Glampyre and purchased the pattern for 'Orangina' it's so cute! Well, maybe it's Stephanie Japel that is so cute. I mean. *SO CUTE!* I've always loved her patterns so I thought "hey! I got $11 american dollars in my paypal account that I can't transfer to my bank account....why not order this pattern?" so I did. Ordering it was far too easy - I sent $5us through paypal & within seconds the pattern was right there on my screen in pdf format ready for me to print out & add to my 'to knit' pile.

But why stop at one?

Why not mosey over to See Eunny Knit and finally get my paws on the 'Deep V Argyle Vest' that I have been absolutely drooling over since I first laid eyes on it. Sincerely - this thing is perfect. I also like the idea that my money is going directly to these designers. I just hope Eunny puts out more patterns - the pattern to the vest is a whopping *32* pages long! She goes into great detail about the pattern & has super directions on steeking which is the part I'm most worried about.

I promised myself I absolutely wouldn't start on anything new until I finished the last sleeve on Susannah's shrug (Susannah - it's nearing the end, I *swear!*) but like my bookshelf is full of books marked only 20 pages from the end (it's annoying to me, too - don't worry) I have this weird sense of urgency as I'm nearing the end of a project - a need to cast on for a new project.
The thing is, while surfing the internet & ordering patterns I finally visited knitpicks. I'd heard that their yarn was wicked cheap & boy howdy they weren't lying! I can knit that whole argyle vest for under $40cdn! unheard of!

But no...I will finish the last of Susannah's shrug & *THEN* I will go steeking crazy.

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