04 May 2006

moving on....casting on....rambling on....

I'm getting ready to go on a big public transit ride to an interview I hope I do well with. The commute to this job would be about an hour & a half per day - but to put it into light - I'd rather spend lots of time getting to & from a job I enjoy than spend 8 1/2 hours at a job that makes me cry in the supply closet & infront of innocent customers who just need help finding a book.

On the bright side, the long subway & bus ride means lots of knitting will get done. Here's what I have done so far on the new socks I'm knitting (for my sister....for christmas! look how on top of things I'm trying to be this year!)

Lets see how much I get done today while I'm making my way to.....dun dun dun.... BEYOND THE TTC LINE!

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Susannah said...

My former roommate Jane is visiting me in London after a stint traveling through Canada. She said, "Oh, I saw your pal Nicole when I stopped off in Toronto and went to Book City." I said, "Did she look like she'd been crying? Ha, ha," and Jane said, "Actually, yes."

Good luck in your interview! There is life beyond the line!