30 March 2006

I should knit me up some short term memory!

For the past while I've been belly-aching over having to log into friendster if I wanted to update my blog.

Not no more! And hopefully this will up my readership! maybe!

I'm going to start transferring my entries from there to here so everything's altogether.

I also think that having my blog away from friendster will allow me to really indulge in my inner craft nerd. For instance, I'm really excited about the use what I have idea on Simple Sparrow. It makes so much sense! I buy so much fabric, wool, buttons, ribbon and other doo-dads that I have the best of intentions for - awesome skirts, jackets, sweaters, gloves, scarves, little stuffed friends.... but not even a quarter of my ideas actually get put into 3-D form. So, for the month of April...I vow.... to uhh use what I have.....buy no yarn, buy no fabric, buy no nothin'....

except for the yarn that I have to buy to knit something for someone I promised. But other than that..I swear.




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