19 November 2006

Bingle Jell Block

The Christmas clock is a tick-tock-ticking & my christmas crafting is bending round the half way corner. Only a couple of semi-huge projects to finish up & then a bunch of smaller ones & then it's hot toddies & figgy pudding & making popcorn garland for me!

And like....how seriously excited was I to actually SEE *Santa Claus* today? Very. Very excited.
After a delicious brunch we headed up to the parade!

My lovely friends taking in some seasonal lattes & some Marching Bands:

Some Christmas.......................walrususus?


This year Santa was truly on his game - sending mad shout outs to everyone. I made a small movie on my camera but I don't know how to post it to my blog. Maybe Santa will bring me some computer savvy-ness this year.

How did I keep warm while standing there? I wore my new winter coat!

I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago but I had to get the buttonholes made & then I had to wait until it was actually cold enough to wear what feels like a giant wool blanket. (mmmmmmmm) The collar on this thing is probably my favourite part.

Can be worn down....for, like, versatility:

But maybe my *favourite* part is the super secret bear guy I screened on the inside:


It's Built by Wendy Simplicity pattern 3966. I like it, but when I make it again (I think I'm going to make one in a solid dark colour..but not until after christmas) I'm going to add some princess seams on the front - as it is now it's a little boxy. All the more better to wear big handknit sweaters underneath, right? Anyway, it was a dead easy pattern to follow & I officially challenge winter to get me cold this year.

TRY IT WINTER! yeah.....that's what I thought....

In an effort to keep my father warm this year I knit him this hat last night:

I made the pattern up as I went along & yes....I am ripping it out & knitting it over again because yes......it is far too small. Those white blobs are supposed to resemble westies but stretched out like this......eh.....not so much.

At least these will fit:

Handsome christmas socks for my pops.....

I knit these on size 2 needles in Regia - A simple sock, for a simply wonderful dad.
(uhhhh...that just came out of my fingers, I didn't plan on being that sentimental.)

Looks like I've been a busy kid, huh? I have even more but it is super secret stuff that I won't be able to show until after christmas.........exciting!


knittykat said...

You have been a busy girl!

I think the hat looks like westies. I thought that as soon as I saw it, before I read your comment.

Miss13 said...

Oh my crap ! You totally are an official yarn machine !
I truly hope everyone that gets a gift from you appreciates how special they are. Kneesocky, you are really the crafty goddess...

Love, love, love it !