31 March 2006

You make me wanna....crochet!

When my grandmother passed away years ago, my mother got this box of hers that she kept all sorts of stuff in. Photographs. Ticket stubs. Postcards. And a little swatch of novicely crocheted yarn, with a little piece of paper pinned to it on which she wrote "Nicole learning to crochet 8 years old February '85"

I recently did the little thing justice by putting it in a shadow box.

A touching tribute, I think, to my nana.

30 March 2006

I should knit me up some short term memory!

For the past while I've been belly-aching over having to log into friendster if I wanted to update my blog.

Not no more! And hopefully this will up my readership! maybe!

I'm going to start transferring my entries from there to here so everything's altogether.

I also think that having my blog away from friendster will allow me to really indulge in my inner craft nerd. For instance, I'm really excited about the use what I have idea on Simple Sparrow. It makes so much sense! I buy so much fabric, wool, buttons, ribbon and other doo-dads that I have the best of intentions for - awesome skirts, jackets, sweaters, gloves, scarves, little stuffed friends.... but not even a quarter of my ideas actually get put into 3-D form. So, for the month of April...I vow.... to uhh use what I have.....buy no yarn, buy no fabric, buy no nothin'....

except for the yarn that I have to buy to knit something for someone I promised. But other than that..I swear.