11 January 2009

Okay, okay.....2009 - my year for blogging, I swear.
Let's just forget that weird lull ever happened, hm?

You know those projects that you don't remember knitting? Those ones that just all of a sudden show up, asking you to weave in their ends so it can be officially done?

My Gathered Pullover is one of them. I got this yarn in the summer & started casually knitting this on the bus on my way to & from work. When it got too big, I stuffed it in my bedside table & would throw in a row or two now & again. When I got to the cable, I did it one afternoon when I didn't feel like working on my other projects. I took a sleeve with me over Christmas holidays & finished the other one on the bus. Which brings me to Friday, when I wove in the ends & realized that I had a *fabulous* little sweater on my hands.

Pattern: Gathered Pullover by Hana Jason Ravelry link here.
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in 'Dark Natural Mix'

I'm totally smitten with this one - probably because it sort of appeared from out of nowhere - and I'm 100% happy with the fit. I had some worries before I picked up the neckline stitches - it was huge & messy. To compensate, I picked up less stitches than the pattern called for to bring in the V-neck. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out & I am incredibly proud of how neat & tidy & perfect my picked up stitches are.

I worked less rows of neckline than the pattern called for as well, since that rolley edge business is not for me. I also worked a knitted hem in the sleeves and bottom edge. I sort of regret doing this in the sleeves as I could have them about an 1 1/2" shorter, but there's no going back. At least this shows that I'm past my nasty habit of not making sleeves & bodies of sweaters long enough.

Two thumbs up for this one!

Over my break from blogging I finished a couple choice projects - I'll start sharing them soon. I'll sprinkle posts about them in between my current stuff. Current stuff lately means finishing up all my WIPs. I'm dedicated to a new project in/project out rule to help keep a cap on my compulsive project starting. So far so good, and now that this sweater is done I can put some new socks on the needles.


The Happy College Knitter said...

That is a fabulous sweater indeed! I love when I magically finish projects without realizing it too. Glad you're back :)

Amber K. said...

This looks great on you which makes me think it might look great on me too! I love the cable gathers. Might have to cast on for this one!!

Funessa said...

Woah. I wish my FO's would just appear out of nowhere like that!

The fit and color is FABULOUS on this! And I love the modified neckline. I am not a big fan of rollnecks either.

p.s. Does Gord have a knitting blog yet?

Funessa said...

Did my comment take?? Doesn't look like it! D*%# it, Blogger!

So basically I think I said:

"Wow, I wish my FO's would just magically appear like that! The fit and COLOR is amazing on this.

Also, does Gord have his own knitting blog yet? hehe."

OK, carry on.

nicole said...

Thanks for the props, girls!
I changed the settings on my comments - should post automatically now.

elizabeth said...

I like it very much! Very wearable, looks great with that shirt underneath.

Julia said...

Um, yeah. Ditto on the "my projects don't just appear out of thin air" business. Your sweater is fantastique! Glad your back in blogland for '09!

shannon said...

that is a nice looking sweater! As in, I could imagine that becoming a daily favorite...
I'm doing the knotty gloves which have a similar cable bit over the top of the hand..
question: there is a row of crossed stitches(?) extending out across the sweater on either side of the cable's center...what are those?

nicole said...

Hey Shannon - I've been fighting the urge to wear this sweater every day since I've finished it!
Those crossed stitches are decreases - I wasn't sure about them at first, but now I think they add a lot to the sweater - helps add to the 'gatheriness' of the gathers.