20 June 2006

Deep V Argyle Back Support Belt

Coming home from work to knit on my Deep V Argyle Vest has been, to me, like coming home to play with a puppy - it's fun, it's *adorable*, it's super snuggly soft - and.....it's tiny.

After I finished all the hip increases, I thought "that still looks kinda small"....but I kept on anyway... today I finally let the logical part of my brain win, and I took it off my circulars & onto a scrap piece of yarn to try it on. Then, I re-measured my gauge & found that I am at 6.5 sts per inch instead of 5 - does that 1.5 stitches per inch really make that much difference in the fit? The answer, simply is - hell yes.

Now, here's where I come to a standstill - do I keep knitting, hoping that it'll all come out in the wash (literally) when I block it? Can I *really* expect it to stretch out another inch or two? (or 3 - because like, seriously, this thing is snug!) Do I rip it out & fiddle around with the pattern (perhaps adding another argyle pattern in there - which means I'd for sure have to order some more wool from knitpicks (which would be no biggy since I have to order some stuff for christmas projects anyway?) or do I knit this & give it to a well deserving friend who would probably love love love it for Christmas?

Right now I don't know the answer - but luckily, since it's pretty hot here, a merino wool sweater vest is not high on my priority list - but dag-nabbit! I love this thing, I want it.

In other knitting news, here is an unflattering photo of my Orangina sweater that I've fallen totally in love with - my dress Judy is about half my size, which is why there's some scrunching there, but just to give you an idea:

I've measured this thing & it'll fit no probs - but I do plan on making the lace section longer & the ribbing part shorter than what the pattern calls for, so I may need to take a trip back to the shop & buy some more Young Touch
How annoying is it to know that this stuff comes in "32 gorgeous colours!" & I chose black? Can I blame it on the fact that there was a sales clerk tidying up the yarn around me reminding me every 10 seconds that they were closing in just a few minutes?

Tonight I am spending some quality time with my *sewing machine* I feel like I've neglected her for too long now.

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Ignoble Jen said...

Prey tell what are you and your sewing machine going to get up to?