26 June 2006

Caught Jaywalkin'.

If you're reading my blog because you like reading knitting blogs, and are not just a friend of mine fulfilling an obligation, then what I'm about to show you is nothing new. After all, a pair of Jaywalkers come of the needles approximately every 2 minutes somewhere in the world. But this isn't about anyone else's Jaywalkers - it's about mine.

What a great pattern! I wanted just a tiny bit more of a challenge. I'm new(ish) to sock knitting, so the first 2 pair I knit (second pair will be posted soon - I have to re-knit the toes) were plain but still exciting to me as I was cutting my teeth. These literally just flew off my little dpns. I loved loved loved knitting them & am excited to put them into my pile of christmas knitting.

Jaywalker socks - pattern by Grumperina in Magknits
Regia "Canadian Colours" in 'Winnipeg'
bamboo 2.50mm needles
Started Wednesday, finished Sunday (wha??)

WOOO! I just hope that they fit my mother - she's got smaller feet than me (like, 2 sizes smaller) & I'm not *really* stretching these out very much when they're on my feet - but I think she'll love them.

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