03 July 2006

It's a looooooong weekend down in heeeee-e-e-eeere

and the crafting was in full swing.

Thursday night I started it off with this:

And ended with this:

I bought the fabric for about $9 a couple of weeks ago - the pattern was pretty much made up as I went along. The grey fabric was in my stash & happened to match perfectly!
My point in showing the records is that in the time it took me to listen to one full length, 3/4 of a double live, and one EP, I had a dress done - lined, hemmed, the edges done & photographed poorly & akwardly. Sewing is fast. But something weird happens to me at the sewing machine. I get cranky, I get impatient, I get sweaty & achy. And I enjoy every second of it. It did make me realize that I knit to keep calm, I knit to think, I knit to keep away the ADDDemons.

Saturday & Sunday I took a crafting break & went to Hamilton to visit family, drink tons of beer, listen to Kim Mitchell & Journey & swim in my parents pool, watch their satellite television, and play with their dog.

Today, I went back to my sewing machine & made a new little friend!

It's Pointy Kitty from Wee Wondefuls! The pattern was simple & cute & fun to make & best of all - it is going to be my favourite way to use up my scraps.

On Thursday I went by Lettuce Knit & was met by a sign saying they were closed due to a leaky roof. Disappointed a little, I walked away, planning to visit on Friday. Well, when I got there I was met by a half empty store, most of the stock stashed away in plastic bags. "Is this because of the leaky roof?" I asked, "No, it's because we're moving." My heart stopped for just a second & re-beat when I was told they were only moving next door. I didn't want to root around in the bags, so I left - planning to go back this week when they were moved & settled.

A little defeated, I walked on... and then I saw....a random garage sale. I walked by at medium speed, scanning the tables for things that I might need. and then I saw this:

A ginormous cone of fingering weight grey wool. For $3! It's lovely, and I plan on making it into my very first shawl. I've already cast on (375 stitches! yerg!) for Ene's Scarf from 'Scarf Style.'

**Please note, the next entry isn't going to be nearly as "look what I finished!-y" as this one. Deep V Argyle Vest gets ripped out tomorrow night.


deepfriedgold said...

You are the smartest, most creative person I know. I have been staring at a blank screen for three days while you have made all of this.

The world deserves a lot more of Winer, and a little less whining from Davidson.

Ignoble Jen said...

I am impressed, I managed to spend the whole weekend doing nothing other than drink beer! When will this world cup be over and I can go back to crafting and sobriety.


nicole said...

Ignoble Jen! I lie in Little Italy & about 5 minutes ago Italy won against Germany - my block is rife with airhorns - drinking may be the only way to get through this.

and Deepfriedgold - as IF your computer screen was blank! it was full of gang warfare & beach party hoes & cocaine! (your computer, not your weekend. or maybe...i don't know. you roll a lot harder than I do.)