28 July 2006

Urban Counterfeiters

Since I first figured out that scissors + fabric + thread = clothes, I've been making most of my own. At the age of 25, after 2 failed attempts at post secondary education, I was at a loss about what to *do* & I frequently bemoaned the fact. One night, my roommate at the time eyed the dress I was hand sewing ribbon embroidery onto & told me that literally, the answer was sitting right there in my lap. That was that.

Learning how to design clothes was the most exciting thing ever - making a tactile object from what starts as a rough sketch was incredibly satisfying & everything I've made has been made with great care & attention & a sort of maternal pride.

That is why I'm glad I stumbled upon a blog called Urban Counterfeiters. A new blog that stands up for the independent designer & calls big companies on their shit. There's only a few entries so far, but they've really reminded me of *why* I feel slightly slimey every time I walk in/past Urban Outfitters, why my throat contracts every time I see an ***American Apparel ad, and why H&M is losing it's (already shakey) standing with me.

Of course, lots of people, myself included, wouldn't realize that some of these designs have been shamelessly ripped off by small design companies & individuals who do this because they *love* it - not because they love seeing every 15 year old come through the doors of their intensely designed shop space to snatch up shirts for $50 each.

Not a crafty post - but a reminder - it's easy to see something cute in a store & hand over your cash for it, but it's just as easy to fork your dough over to the designers themselve(or make it yourself!).

some of my favourite places to buy stuff:

Magic Pony
Crowded Teeth
My Paper Crane
Erica Weiner

There's a BILLION awesome AWESOME AMAZING places on the internet to get the coolest stuff - and it's about a kajillion times awesomer to get stuff that not just anyone can go to the mall & get for dirt cheap & then throw away after only a couple of wears because it's poorly made. (coughH&Mcough)

***American Apparel & I have a weird relationship - while I appreciate the fact that they pay their workers well & it *seems* to be a good working environment, I've never been happy with things I've bought there, and like - that guy Dov Cheney is the grossest human being. ever.


Ignoble Jen said...


I really enjoy you blog but I didn't know you are a clothes designer, are you?


(N.B. I do love everything you make it is just I figure the world rubbish and unable to notice talent)

nicole said...

I am! I am! A clothing designer sidetracked by knitting. -sigh-

Ignoble Jen said...
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Ignoble Jen said...
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knittykat said...

I just checked out your blog :-) Your colorwork is amazing! I have never done anything like that!

I am lusting over your squirrelly mittens now!

knittykat said...

So where is your BPT????

Miss 13 and I need to see it!

nicole said...

It's coming! I errr....have to buy a circular needle today at lunch because uhhhh I sorta have been knitting it on a straight because I wanted to knit it right away but didn't have the right needle & I didn't want to post a picture of all the stitches smushed up on a straight needle & have you guys think I didn't know what I was doing :)

knittykat said...

LOL I totally understand!!!!

Miss13 said...

i had to leave a comment ^_^
I can understand you didnt want to post the sweater yet - i do wanna see it ! I feel like i have been stalking your blog looking for an update lol !
I was just telling Knittykat that it would be the coolest to do a meetup the 3 of us :) I admire and adore you both MUCH..You have gigantic balls of yarn to make that vest and do a steek ! ;-) happy weekend

knittykat said...

BPT? BPT? We're waaaaaaiting.....


nicole said...

give a girl a break! I just got home from an *intense* camping trip - photos tonight of bpt!