20 July 2006

Built By.......me??

With all the knitting I've been doing, I sometimes forget that yes, there's about 5 bajillion awesome knitting patterns out there - but what about sewing? My first craftylove? Well, I've been feeding my sewing pattern collection with these beauties:

That there on the left is the Amy Butler 'Weekender Bag' pattern - which I intend to make good use of. There's a couple of people on my gift giving list who will be getting these. I just have to stop being so particular about fabric. (wait a minute....no I don't!) I've been out a couple of times to find something suitable & nothing's jumping out at me. And in the middle we have the Built by Wendy Jacket pattern & that pretty thing on the right is one of her blouse patterns.

I freaking love it when designers hit the nail right there on the head. I've followed Wendy Mullin's career for a long time now. I remember reading about her guitar straps in Bust magazine ages ago & she's just kept getting better. Well, she rocked my freaking world when I found out that she had designed 4 patterns for Simplicity & now anyone (everyone!! everyone!!) can buy the patterns & make them. The other night I bought #4109 & #4111.

And tonight I sewed it up!

up close:

blurry full shot!

Lord have mercy! I *LOVE* this! pre-made patterns & my body don't get along. I *always* have to make all sorts of adjustments - especially across the shoulders or in where my little lemons are *supposed* to fill a big void.

Not this. This....this is perfect. The best thing is that you're encouraged to do all sorts of crazy stuff to these patterns & really 'make them your own' there's even a contest! The patterns are available up to a size 20 (thank you!) & the designs are simple & flattering & awesome!

I only made this in black because it's what I had in my stash & I've been trying to get through the piles & piles & bags & bins of fabric I have stowed away in every closet in the house. But my mind is already racing with thoughts of making more - in all sorts of stuff! denim, flannel, silk, jersey....AH!


pageblank said...

That is really cute! You should totally doing something summery and light-coloured.

Caroline said...

Hey Nicole - I'm commenting right back at ya, after your comment about my vest on the vestalong site. Funny that you have the Amy and Wendy patterns - I love both of those. I just sewed up the other Wendy shirt (pics on my blog). Yours looks great, I bet it would work really well with white jeans and sandals.
I haven't seen any jackets made up - are you thinking of making the long or the short?