18 July 2006


A little while ago I ripped out the progress I had made on my Deep V Argyle Vest. It was painful, but as soon as I cast on for the larger size, all regrets faded as I soon saw that this *new* vest was exactly the right fit. I've been knitting on it any chance I get - in an effort to at least get it to where it was pre-rip & I have:

But now I'm all like "meh!" about the colours - I'm thinking they're a little much. I can't stop thinking about how nice this vest would look in tweedy oatmeal & brown...or in a pastel blue & heather grey. And here's mine - all in your face & "WHOAH! look at ME! I'm a bright blue vest!" Should I rip it out? Should I order different yarn? (maybe this time finding one with the correct gauge?) Am I being too critical? I guess it's not like I couldn't knit this a second time in a different colour combo.

I need these circulars for my Orangina - I'm done the front, have cast on for the back, and then I'll need the circs for the bottom ribbing. So I guess I should make up my mind soon.

Good thing I have my squirelly swedish mittens to look at & admire when I get nervous about my vest:
So far, I think these are my favourite thing I've knit - I'm super happy with the colours of the trekking, I love love love the little squirrels & I love how there's all this detail in such a little thing. These are mine. I missed one row of tree branches, but I can go back after & do a cheater fix-up.

Alright - this vest business. I need advice.


Flying Pizza said...

NO NO NO! The blue is so good. Really. Sure, a subtle vest would be nice too, but this matched your personality and complexion and it's all modern and cool. Stick with it--really!

And the mittens are awesom, by the way.

(Kate/Mascarasnake from Glitter)

Flying Pizza said...

awesome. dang typo.

nicole said...

whee! thanks Kate! I've knit another good 2 1/2 inches on it & I've decided that I do actually really like it. One bright blue & black argyle vest coming up!

Miss13 said...

Hi sweet darling !
I have been revisiting your blog to see your progress ! I must say I LOVE the mittens ! I wish it would get cold enough here to make a pair for myself ! I really like the colors you picked for the vest, and agree with Kate when she said they match your personality. Yeah oatmeal and brown is nice too, but You could easily make another one :) You have inspired me to maybe enter the world of intaria ;) Your socks came out so AWESOME !

love you girl,

dani/cg13 ^_^