27 July 2006

pinch me.

But first, check out my vest!!!

It's done. In its wake it left mangled hands, several late nights, unplanned trips to the wool store & one incredibly satisfied knitter.

I knit this baby in less than 2 weeks after frogging it due to being extra tiny. I love it! I love love love it! I want another one in more earthy tones - but right now I cannot wait until this lame heatwave is over & fall comes so I can skip around town in this!


It's currently blocking on my bed, it's so humid here I have a fan & AC blasting on it to prevent mildew (ewie!)

the facts:
Eunny Jang's Deep V Argyle Vest
knit in KnitPicks Merino Style 'coal' & 'frost'
(I ordered 5 balls of each colour - but I made the 50" bust (uhhh yeah, nevermind that I don't have a 50" chest - that bigger size was knit to compensate for my healthy hips) anyhow - I ran way out of the coal - so I had to go to Romini to buy more black dk merino - of which they had none, so the last 20 rows or so of the body is knit with a merino/Alpaca blend. Then I ran out of that & had to go back for yet another ball. I have about 4 feet of each colour left over. whew! close one!
size 4 addi turbo bamboo needles (a joy to knit with!)

My first major fair isle knitting project, my first steeks (eeeep!), my first actual garment knit for me that I know I will often & with pride.

Now I'm going to go get blaaaaasted.


Caroline said...

High Five back, crafty twin! I love your vest, but am currently very, very jetlagged in the UK (its 3 in the morning) and can't read or think much beyond, "hey, pretty..."

I'll revisit your site in the am...

Ignoble Jen said...
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spirals said...

nice work on the vest. i have loved every one of these i have seen...

and love the tattoo...

lekkercraft said...

it's such a pretty pattern and i love the colors you chose. congrats on finishing!