09 July 2006

Rip it up & Start Again

World Cup ended about 5 hours ago & my neighbourhood is still going totally bananas. I was tempted earlier to go out & take some photos so people would understand the mayhem taking place only steps away but I am too lazy. Besides, I have *other* photos to share!

So Thursday I took a deep breath, closed my eyes & frogged my Deep V Argyle Vest.


look! I was almost at the V-neck steeks!

And while I was at it, I thought I might as well rip out the progress I had made on the Embossed Leaves socks I was knitting (they were beautiful, honest, but after I turned the heel, I discovered the sock didn't make it past my instep - they aren't for me, but I didn't want to chance them not fitting my sister)

And then after I did that, I had this:


But dude, isn't that Fleece Artist sock yarn tastay?

Those things didn't *really* die, their energy just got passed on to these socks:

Remember these? I started them a while ago & I finally stitched up their toes & now I can add them to my 'christmas knits' box. These were originally going to be for my sister, but the colours are screaming out to be given to someone else.....someone who wasn't home when I snapped these shots, so I thought...."What better way to take a picture of socks than in the shoes they'll be worn in?" I don't think he reads this blog, but if he does I'd like to say this:

A) don't worry my feet weren't dirty
B) I'm totally washing them anyway
C) I only wore your shoes for like....4 minutes.

Pattern from here.
Size 2 dpns
DGB sock yarn. I don't have the band anymore, so I don't know the number.
I tried my very best to make the stripes match - and basically they totally do. If one is held upside down.

Thanks to my Ott-Lite, the colours you see here on this monitor are *exactly* what they look like in real life...Ott-Lite, I'm sorry I hated you at first.

Party On!

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