13 July 2006


So, last week the new Knitty came out & before I knew it, I had cast on for 'Fetching.' These were a 2 night knit & a good chance to use the Manos that had been sitting in my stash since last December's failed attempt at knitting a dog sweater (why why WHY would I think to use expensive wool? I ended up making it out of super cheap acrylic)

Taking a photo of your hand in a glove is weird - I felt like I should be holding something - or doing something, but I settled on this. I tried to use the timer to take a photo of *both* of them (trust me, there's 2!) but they didn't turn out.

I'm not really much of one for fingerless gloves, but I'm sure they'll find a good home with someone.

My favourite thing about knitting these was that I did the cables without a cable needle. I learnt how from Grumperina's blog & man oh man(os!) it's so much easier!

I also just finished another pair of Jaywalkers. (wha??) but the toes need some stitchin'.

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