11 February 2007

stripes! from noses to toeses.

I'm supposed to be on a bit of a yarn diet. Nothing drastic, but I definitely want to get rid of some stuff in my stash before I go buying new stuff. However, weak little me walked past Romni Wools the other day & before I knew it I was standing before the sock yarn wall & all my attempts at just walking away empty handed were beat down to a fine pulp. I walked out with 2 new skiens of sock yarn. One of them being the last ball of the amazing Regia 'Canadian Colours' series (note: Regia refers to this series of colours as "Canadian COLORS", which I refuse to type.)

Anyway...it's the 'Montreal' colourway, and the teeny tiny stripes make me SO happy. I'm using the Jaywalker pattern, but something tells me when the stripes are this dazzling, simple stockinette would have probably been best.

See? I like the bottom foot part of these much more than the zigzag patterned top. Too late to turn back now, though! I cast on for these Thursday night & already I am on the foot of the second sock. Something about stripes makes my fingers knit extra fast!

When I put the sock down on the coffee table, I noticed this sock goes quite well with our current box of Kleenex:

Now, this reminds me of why I should be on a yarn diet. It also goes a long way to convince me that the *massive* *amounts* *of* *money* I spent on new glasses this weekend will be worth it.

How does this kleenex box & these socks help to ease buyer's remorse?

Here's a little clue:

Recognize those stripes?

I've done gone got me some Paul Smith spectacles! It's distressing to have to ask yourself how much you're willing to spend on your face. My glasses are the first thing I reach for in the morning & the last thing I take off at night. I am 100% useless without them. I spent many of my formative years wearing hideous frames - mostly from the free wall at Hakim. Giant red plastic glasses, dorky wire frames, bizzare tortoise shell frames that were so big they dug into my cheeks. I trusted my parents - if they said the glasses looked good, then I didn't care. They were paying for them & I was often the victim of stray-football-in-face syndrome, so the frames would probably be replaced before long anyhow.

Now I'm pleased to say I care a little more about what goes on my face & I am finally in a place (ie: out of retail) that gives me the freedom to venture into the world of luxury eyewear. My mega dork prescription means that the total cost of the glasses is more than a month's rent, but like Gord says "You can eat peanut butter smeared on a playing card to get you through the next couple of days"

They will be done in a little over a week, I have to prepare my face.


Dani said...

you are the fastest sock knitter on the planet. I swear, you churn out a pair every day or so ! How do you do it ???? and how do you have a life at the same time ???
I adore you to death, cant wait to see the new eyes ;)

<3 an aspiring rollergirl

D xoxoxox

Miss Muffy said...

You won't regret the schmancy eyewear - peanut butter playing cards and all! My younger self also suffered from random Phys.Ed mishaps - many Sally Jesse / Steve Urkel frames met with untimely deaths. I may wear contacts now, but I'll never play dodgeball again!