27 February 2007


I'm probably the last knitting blogger to post an entry on what I think about the new layout of Interweave Knits -- but I have a different, bone chilling observation about it than the critiques I've seen of it.

I buy Interweave without even opening it - there's always a pattern or two that I like, and just like some readers of Hustler & Playboy, I actually DO read it for the articles. I won't go into detail about the changes they've made since everyone already knows what they are (I will say that I was half way through the magazine before I realized that what I had skipped through weren't ads - they were the patterns....but anyway..)


that's 'delicate girl'...my all time favourite

curly red haired girl - shows you how awesome sweaters will look on you if you have lots of freckles & fair skin - very important!

This one sort of intimidates me, and she'd probably think I was annoying if we ever hung out, but I like her anyway...

And this one is pretty new, but I was really starting to like her.. I mean this in the most awesome way possible, she reminds me of my mom.

They're GONE - the only familiar one is the cover model - which is good, it's good to have a sliver of familiarity left. But what have they done to the original models? the OG's? I hope they come back next issue - I hope they're just all at 'knitwear model camp.' I hope none of them stumble across this & think I'm creepy.

That being said, I'm totally adding the 'dollar & a half' cardigan to my ever growing 'to knit' list:

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