04 March 2007

High's & Low's

I did it again - I've left too many things to talk about unsaid & now I must jam them all into one confusing entry. I'll make it short & sweet. I will elaborate on project specifics.

Snowstorm in March - sort of sick of bad weather.

Finishing the 'Child's placket neck pullover' from 'Last Minute Knitted Gifts'

This was another stash busting project. I used some blue & green Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, knit on size 6 needles. This was my first raglan from the bottom up - went pretty well, I think. The only thing I changed was that I put actual button holes in the placket, the pattern tells you to just push the buttons through the seed stitch, but that seemed weird to me.
I don't even know who will get this sweater yet - one thing's for sure, there's a total storm of babies on the way & I need to get ready! I know of at least 5 new people coming. Now I just need to find some buttons!

Oh, and p.s. if you decide to knit this, you may want to check the errata - there's just one minor yet important error in the original printing of the book.

Waking up to hear that the fire chief has advised people to stay indoors if they do not need to go out. I assume this means I get a snow day - which means I begin to document my snow day. I had grand plans - elaborate cake baking, sewing, knitting, napping....

LOW: boss calls to tell me the commute to work is easy & breezy & I should have no trouble at all getting there for the afternoon. boooooooooooo.

HIGH(x's 2):
Luckily my boss leaves early on Friday afternoons which allows me the following Highs:

Finishing one of Gord's Anniversox
I'm using some incredibly great feeling Lannett Merino sock yarn for these - they're nutso soft!

Starting the second Socks that Rock 'Retro Rib Sock'
I know, I know...when did I make the first one? I'm such a bad blogger! I guess I just think it's better to show pictures of stuff when it's completely finished - but I personally love a good progress picture, so I'm going to start talking more about the process of my knitting as I'm doing it.
Here's a picture of the first one:

Not normally a fan of ribbing with stripes, but I'm so into these socks! The pattern is from Interweave Knits Winter 2004. As for Socks that Rock - I now fully understand what all the fuss is about - hot damn this yarn is good!

Completing my Greenery Hat (yes, another project that just appears out of nowhere - for sure, for sure I am going to start writing about projects as I begin them) & then deciding the pink ribbing looked totally wrong - I began unravelling the cast-on edge & quickly entered panic mode as I realized it wasn't going to be as easy as I thought.

I ended up putting my circular needle through the loops of where I was going to begin knitting the ribbing all in brown - then I mercilessly ripped & cut the pink stuff away & joined the brown yarn. Then I knit the ribbing in reverse & now.....


I have a completed hat that I really, truly love!
It covers my ears!! This pattern is great (and free!) and a really super way for me to get down & dirty with cables. I used some Knitpicks Swish Superwash from my stash (left over from gord's christmas sweater.....which...well, I'll blog about that later......-sigh-)
(oh - and what are those? my new glasses! It took a week to warm up to them, but now I like them! A lot!)


Deciding I needed to buy myself something very nice since I had to go into work. I found these NIB Clarks boots on ebay for a totally crazy low price. Was the highest bidder. Then I got out bid. Then I bid again & won. Dudes, I got these boots for like....$21 US. boo(t)yah!


I discover I lost my wallet - most likely in the cab I took to Gord's house - FREAK OUT. I had multiple unused gift cards in there, a fairly large lump sum I had just withdrawn from the bank
and 2 Simply Saucer tickets.... Cry for a long time, berate myself for being so careless, walk my sorry ass home. Complain for most of the afternoon. (the wallet, if you remember, was a christmas gift from Gord & probably the most favourite thing I've ever owned ever...I loved that wallet more than I should probably admit)
I'm blaming the loss on an issue I meant to blog about weeks ago: The horrible bag I've been forced to use as a result of poorly manufactured handbags.


Gord brings some 'sad-be-gone' in the form of beer & Jager & soon I am telling jokes & doing interpretive dance & I'm back to my old self again.

On the agenda today: Make new lame "money holder thing" & new "idiot proof" bag.


Pippi said...

I'm with you on the winter weather thing. Hello! It's March! (Boo-hiss that you didn't get a snow day!)

I really am loving your greenery hat!

I hope your wallet turns up, fully intact, too!

Lilith Parker said...

I'm so glad you like my pattern. All of your work looks fantastic!

Sarah and Jack said...

That is a heck of a snowstorm. Sorry about the lost wallet, that bites. :-(

Simon said...

I am so tempted to make that "coffee in the kitchen" photo my desktop image or something-- it's so comforting!

My crafty friend Christina makes cool bags and lives near you, check 'em out and maybe you can find something that will keep wallets safe and sound: http://www.myspace.com/christinamakesbags I think the cassette one is pretty awesome.

Jessica said...

I got right up to my monitor to check out that winter weather photograph - for a second I actually thought that was a picture of me and my bike!