11 January 2007


Oh! oh Bloggy....

I got stressed because I thought about how in my last post I told you that the next post was going to be all about what I got for christmas. Honestly, Christmas feels like a million years ago now, and I will just summarize by saying I got a Yarn Swift (YAY!), The Facts of Life on DVD, some pyjamas, some new Rudolph figurines (figures? figurines? I never know the difference between these two things & only know there's a difference when comic nerd friends jeer at me for misusing the terms......) and a bunch of stuff from the best boyfriend EVER....

like this amazing wallet that I lovesomuchithurtsme!

**swooon!* a boy who shops from Etsy.com!

So now it's 2007 & I've decided to fuckin' take the reigns on this horse I call My Life. Every year I make the same New Year's Resolution & this year will be no different. I resolve to
"Be More Awesome."

Lots of people seem to be going through similar things; taking stock of what's not quite right in their lives & doing something to change it (it's just that some people do it way funnier & smarter than others....not that this is a race or a challenge to be the funniest...)

Meet my new friend:

These little guys have been helping me for the past week & a half to *finally* get rid of my nasty dirty 9+ year habit. So far, so good. I've been having the most amazing Nicodreams ever!

I've also been walking to & from work everyday. A total of 6km & $5.50 in my brand new wallet!

Comined, these two changes to my lifestyle will result in approximately $62.50 saved *per week* Who knew having lazy, unhealthy habits cost so much? And then in a little while I can get THIS!:

Pink Please!

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