29 January 2007

Holy Crap!

I finished these socks in record time & thank God I'm keeping them for me because these.are.awesome!

Pattern: Brenda's Socks
I made no alterations to the pattern, although I was tempted to change the toe around, but I stuck with it, and I'm glad I did.
Yarn: Colinette 'Jitterbug' in the 'fire' colourway
this yarn is smushy, soft, vibrant & warm! My feet were happy all day long, even during the wicked cold walk home.

I guess these went so fast (I cast on late Wednesday night & was finished both of them by Sunday night - and also during this span, I managed to finish 3/4 of a sweater, but that's another post...) because there was enough to keep me interested. Also, I used size 2 needles & the Jitterbug is a bit heavier than the Regia I've been using.

I wish my camera could get right in there & show you the detail. Luckily my Ott Lite shows the colour pretty much exactly.

Now it's time to focus on whittling down my stash - getting rid of the thorns in my side & making room for only more yummy yarn like this stuff here.


Dani said...

OMG lady you do knit like the wind.
I have the same thorn in my stash..Same color as well, It is freezing here now and I really could have used my raglan to warm up....
I think I am in the funk on it. I havent touched it and am tempted to do the eiffel pattern from the latest KNITTY..
Love you darling


Ginny said...

Lovely socks - glad the jitterbug went well, p'raps i'll try that pattern with the colourway I got (embers or something). And it looks cool on size 2 needles (is that ~ 2.75mm?)

Thanks for your comment about my socks - I am loving how they're going, too. Not as hard as I thought, either!

vanessa said...

your post inspired me to try the same pattern in the jitterbug yarn i got in "bright charcoal", but they came out too big and i need to go down a needle size. yours are prettier than the picture on the pattern even!