13 January 2007

New year, new blog.

I've quit smoking, I'm trying to move myself off of the couch more often, I'm putting less refined & processed foods into my body and I'm chaging the template on my blog to refelct a purer & less complicated me. Can you handle it?

2006 was a good one for me, lots of good new changes & discoveries about myself but this year I plan on taking the things I learnt last year & putting them to actual use.

Now that I have a job that actually allows me to save money & I've eliminated the main money soaker-upper from my life (smoking) I'm going to try my best to pay more than just the interest on my credit card each month & for *real* this is the year that I start investing in what I want to do. Make clothes & sell them.

This dream has been in the little cloud above my head for a long time now -- ever since I left school, but several things kept me from doing anything about it. My old job had me living pay to pay & snatched up a good portion of my self confidence. Now I have a job that pays me more for working less hours & at the end of the day I still have my dignity. Sure, I'm not fully appreciated for all the mad book skills I have but who really cares? I love books, and I miss actually working in a bookstore & talking to people about what they're reading but I didn't love doing my job well & still being constantly bullied for things like apparently not adhering to the dress code. (It's alright, I am a very big believer in a little something called *karma*)

The main problem with fulfilling this dream of mine boils down to honest to goodness fear. What if people don't want what I have? What if what I have isn't as good as it should be? What if I sew a seam crooked & someone notices? What if after 10 years of wearing & washing something I've made a button falls off???

Well, no more! Maybe I'm just stating this publicly so that I feel accountable to it. But in any case, I have a rough plan written on paper, I have rough sketches doodled everywhere, I have my library of books about how to do what I want to do on the floor beside my bed, I have nothing to lose except time and lots of money. Heck, Susannah believes in me!

"If it ain't fix, don't broke it"


rahime said...

I LOVE that picture. Good luck!

Sarah and Jack said...

That is a really beautiful sweater you made for her! I saw a sweater someone knitted this week, and I am DYING for it, but plus sized clothes are so hard to come by. I hope your business plan includes clothes for bigger women too!

Susannah said...

Darn tootin' I believe in you! Or rather, I don't have to believe. I just know. It's obvious from looking at the stuff you make that with a little business savvy, you could earn quite a comfortable living making it all the time. Hell, you might even make a million. If Doggles can do it...

Why is craft angst so common??

PS I LOVE that photo. I've saved it so I can look at it every day when I have trouble writing and laugh and laugh.

Miss13 said...

I am super proud of you !If I could quit smoking almost two packs a day, you can do it !
Also good for you taking control and deciding to do what you love !
Forge on !!!!

Miss Muffy said...

DO IT! I'm also pursuing turning a hobby into a career, I know it's scary! I'm sure you'll make a bisquillion dollars - you're super-crafty!

Jessica said...

I swear I will buy all of your creations, and if I can't afford them, I will steal them in a way that will cost your distributor, not you.

brianna said...

Yay! You ARE super awesome and I know your business will be too! Your clothes are beeeeyootiful!

nicole said...

Hot damn! With an army of beautiful, savvy gals like you bunch behind me, how COULD i go wrong??