23 January 2007

6 Witamin!

think the hardest part of blogging for me is figuring out how to get 5 different topics into one entry.

For instance, on Saturday Gord & I went to Roncesvalles to do a little food shopping. Upon walking into a Polish food shop, I declared "I'm going to buy something from here I've never bought before!" "What will you buy?" asked Gord. I told him I'd know it when I saw it.

And then I saw it. And *IT* was almost my dinner tonight, but when I sat it on my counter....

(beside my Hello Kitty toaster?? yeah, guess who turns 31 this year??), I was overcome with a nagging voice in my head that said "Save that for a pasta salad....or a potluck dish....eating Elmer Fudd shaped pasta by yourself is sort of like getting plastered all alone."

Yes, better to make something a crowd can enjoy. Do you seem him? Elmer Fudd shaped pasta? Also included, Wile E. Coyote, Roadrunner & Buggs Bunny. With 6 Witamin!

So then I decided to have a healthier, more mature dinner of wild rice with tofu & miso patties.

My point is, I should have blogged about the Looney Tunes pasta on Saturday - when my enthusiasm was at it's peak. I should have rushed home & written a dynamite entry about this stuff....but I had a keg party to go to, and then the next day I had a brunch to go to, and then I bought sock yarn...see how things snowball?

And yesterday I had a doctor's appointment because 2 months ago my eye doctor thought I should go get my retina checked out. He thought there may be a problem with some dark spots inside there - so I left work early to be at my appointment for 3:00. *2 HOURS later* I sped home with one fucked up eye (drops were only put into the eye with the retinal "problem") and a clean bill of eye health.

So I took a couple of freaky pictures of my eyes because I felt like Marilyn Manson.....

Here is one where I look like a total skeeze:

And here is one which shows my crazyeyes:

But I couldn't be all photo shooty for long! My man was coming over! It was his birthday! I was going to treat him right!
I presented him with the birthday card I had made during my 2 hour wait in the doctor's office with the crayons & paper they had to keep kids occupied. I gave him the Twitch City DVD. I gave him a book he's already read. I gave him my most socially aware purchase of 2007:

No Sweat sneakers - 100% union made!

We had a freaking delicious dinner & then headed to his house for a Twitch City marathon.

So today is Tuesday & I had a couple of things to tell people about. My awesome pasta, my crazy eyes & my little pony's birthday... and no segue in sight.

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