21 January 2007

I will be your hero baby....

Hey doodes! Check out my first finished knit of the year!

Months & months ago the fantabulous Amber sent me some sock yarn & the Apartment Therapy book in exchange for some Eames stamps I had. In an effort to get my stash into check, I reached for this stuff to make socks....for *me*,

It's Sockatta! A really great feeling cotton/wool yarn. Amber had already used some of it to make a pair of socks, so I did them two at a time toe-up since I wasn't too sure of how long I could get away with making them. I still have lots of it left over though, so I'm a little tempted to go back & make them longer.

But not before I fix this!

My very tall & slender friend Donald was the unfortunate recipient of this sock for Christmas. Donald is allergic to wool so I knit these using cotton stuff. I never stopped to think that I'd need to adjust the pattern - I just cast on & set off. It was after I had turned the heel that I realised this sock was crazybig.

Upon seeing this sock, a co-worker said "That's a whale of a sock you got there!" yeah, a regular Shamu. So I've started to make them again. This time I'm knitting them two at a time, toe-up so that I could just increase until it looked right. (I guess I'm slowly learning the merits of the toe-up sock, but I wouldn't call myself a convert just yet.)

Ah! Much better! (when I unravelled the jabba-the-sock at the toe, I was able to fit the thing on my arm..my *matronly upper arms* This sock was heeee-oooooge!)

Last night was my pal Colleen's birthday keg'r. Of course I should have taken photos, but since the beer was going to be flowing freely, I left home with the key to my front door, $10 to put towards Keg Fees & that was it. So I don't have any pictures of the fun fun times but I do have a picture of the super cute earrings I made for Colleen:

These were super quick & fun to make -- for sure there will be more of these in my craft future.

And because I am lucky enough to have friends who enjoy getting together often to eat in each other's company, this morning we pushed through our hangovers to go to Jeff & Shelley's for a deeeeeeeeelicious breakfast!

Dave showed up in a hockey helmet!

Shelley making a delicious fruit salad!

Jeff brought home the bacon!

There was a frigg-load of food (baked beans, french toast, scrambled eggs, toast, fried potatoes, fruit salad! aie aie aie!) & soon I was on the road to recovery.

There may have been a teensy tiny little bit of karaoke.
I wanted to stay in their house for a whole week, but I had errands to do & I was probably smart to walk around a little after so much booze & food)

And then by accident this followed me home:

I had to go to Kensington Market to get a couple of things. None of the things on my list was sock yarn, but I mean, I was walking right past lettuce Knit anyway...why not stop in? And then I saw the colours of this Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn in the 'fire' colourway. This stuff is so yummy, I can't wait to see how it knits up! I just have to find a good pattern for it - something cabley, I think.


rahime said...

I love those black and turquoise socks! Even if they were too big, they're gorgeous - and I've been wondering how a contrasting-color heel would look as a heel flap instead of short rows! Now I know: snazzy.

Cat said...

Love the earrings! What are they made from? And I am in awe of how many socks you appear to make...I have about five single socks and no seconds so I've given up on them for now.

P.S. this is purpledoor from glitter.

P.P.S. Would you mind if I added a link to your blog to my blog?