25 January 2007

Now that's what I call serendipity!

Remeber the Jitterbug sock yarn I bought just 5 days ago? Well, it had been sitting on my bedside table Totally innocent. Minding its manners, waiting patiently for me to make it into something..."nonono" it said, "I'll be here when you finish knitting Donald's socks....don't mind me....lum de de dum..." Well, like Garfield with Lasagne, I couldn't resist. I cast on at about 10:30pm Wednesday night for Brenda's Socks. By Thursday night I was turning the heel!

Today I came in from a cold, cold walk home (a walk where I helped an old lady cross the road & ran after a girl who had dropped her TTC pass - too bad the little halo above my head didn't keep me warm) I sat down with my sticks & settled in to listen to the latest Cast On. Which is when I suddenly stopped what I was doing so that I could fully realize what I was doing.

I was knitting a sock pattern Brenda Dayne had written
I was listening to Brenda Dayne's podcast
The yarn I was using is from Wales - where Brenda Dayne lives.

So these socks are meant to be. I'm sure of it! Lets just hope I have enough yarn to finish sock #2, since my little yarn cake is starting to look a little small.

This sock is lovely - the yarn is squishy, the cable & eyelet pattern is incredibly addictive & I'm pretty sure that by next week I'll have a complete pair. If you decide to knit this up, keep in mind that when it comes to the heel flap, the instructions tell you to K2tog, K1, Sl1 - I'm pretty sure this k2tog is supposed to be a Sl1.


Miss Muffy said...

... and all was at peace in Knitville. Saint Brenda has smiled upon you. Thank god she's back!

rahime said...

Wow! Those socks are going to be gorgeous!