30 December 2006

Christmas part one.

It's over!
So...lets show off some Christmas crafts that I've been trying my best to keep secret!
I don't have photos of everything, but here's a list o the gifts I made (I swear I'm not lying)
8 pairs of socks (!!!!)
3 sweaters (!!!)
1 quilt (!!!)
2 pairs of slippers
2 knit hats
1 embroidered hat patch
1 belt
6 aprons


So here are some photos!

This is Gord's 'Morse Code' Sweater. It's a top down raglan that I made using the Incredible Cutom-fit Raglan Sweater Generator It fits pretty well, I just need to make it a smidge longer. The morse code on the front says "My girlfriend Knit this" This was my first time using Knitpicks 'Swish Superwash' which is supersoft, but after one wash, I can tell it's going to get pretty pilly.

As will these socks. Or at least I think these will get some pill action. Gord is one of my favourite people to knit for - I get a crazy thrill from seeing socks I knit on his feet.

This here's my Mom's bpt cardigan from Knitty. I used ArtYarns 'Fable' in the 'Boy Who Cried Wolf' colourway. This sweater was super fun to knit (that is, after I got some much needed help from my knitting guru knittykat) but sewing the zipper in wasn't too fun, there's some messy bits with the zipper inside, but I love how it turned out & my mom happily wore it to Christmas Brunch.

With her new socks!

What a great sock model she is! All the Pilates really helps!

It's exciting for me to be able to chart my knitting progress. Last year I'd never think of knitting a hat like this as a last minute gift, but in 1 day I had this Fake Isle Hat from Magknits knit up & ready to be given in my family's 'Cutthroat Santa' gift exchange.

I loved knitting this hat - Noro makes for a quick knit since I'm so curious about what colour will come next that I can barely put it down!

Probably one of the biggest projects I've ever taken on, but one that I had super fun with (even while almost in tears) was this Denyse Schmidt Quilt I made for Tim & Donald. These two guys are amazing & last year as my Christmas gift they totally redid my sewing room into a place of beauty. I wanted to make them something in this room. This is my first ever quilt, and while you can tell by looking at it in some spots that a novice made it, I'm still super proud of it.

(Doesn't it look SO nice on my bed!)

I started it in about August, and could only work on it when the boys weren't home. I finished it at the beginning of December. I'm definitely going to be making some more quilts - I already have 2 more Denyse Schmidt quilts picked out from her amazing book.

The other thing I had my sewing machine busy making were aprons! I made a total of 6 of these using this Butterick Pattern. Here is my sassy sister modeling hers!

I used some crazy delicious Amy Butler fabric for this & am thrilled to have a little left over. Just a little though, maybe enough for a pillow cushion. I think the aprons were a big hit, I'll post more photos of them tomorrow or when I have time to sift through the millions of photos I've taken in the last week.

My sister's birthday falls just 2 days after Christmas, so this year I knit her the Ivy wrap sweater from Knitty. I just had the seaming left, so I threw all the pieces into a bag & decided to seam it up in Hamilton. And yes, I forgot 2 very important pieces. The waist ties. The waist ties that were 56" *each* of Knit 1, Purl 1 ribbing (K1,P1 is my least favourite thing ever - never mind having to do it for *56"!*) So I printed out the photo of the sweater & told her the finished thing would be forthcoming. I think I have to tweak the armholes too, and I'd rather do that when I'm relaxed & not under a deadline.

So, sadly I don't have photos of everything in action, but I was pleased to give gifts straight from my heart this year. I already have plans for next year. Is January 3rd too early to start making stuff for next Christmas?

Tomorrow's entry: What *I* got!


Sarah and Jack said...

The quilt turned out terrific! You should be proud of yourself.

rahime said...

What yarn did you use for your Mom's socks? The BPT is really cute, btw, your picture actually made me think about making one myself!

Simon said...

That quilt looks great!

nicole said...

SIMON???? *rubbing my eyes* whoah! Maybe once I get better at making quilts I can make you a cats, pizza & punk themed quilt.

Rahime - the sock yarn is Regia Silk - it's super soft, but I think for sure it's going to get pilly.

soph said...

woah, you must have started in january! lovely to see the finished quilt - i've been following your progress on glitter as i'm working my way up to a full sized quilt and the thought of the actual quilting bit gives me the heebeegeebies :)

knittykat said...

It all looks awesome!

Good job on it all!