18 December 2006

It's the Final Countdown

do do do dooooo do do doo do do doooo.

On Friday evening I sat down with my craft excel sheet, my craft calendar & the scraps of paper I've been jotting down 'to do' lists on. The lists were huge, the excel spreadsheet didn't have even half of it's cells filled in with hot pink (the colour for 'complete' projects) and I was way behind on my craft calendar.

I had to ask myself how much crafting can one human girl do in 2 days??

The answer is a lot. SO MUCH that I was too exhausted Sunday night to take photos. Also, who knows who is reading this & I'd hate to have all my hard work ruined by posting pictures up here. In short, I was able to fill in 5 rows on my spreadsheet with hot pink. I even had time to go to a Christmas potluck gift exchange where I drank wine, champagne, peppermint schnapps & ate tons of delicious food. When choosing friends, make sure they can cook as well as mine can. It's like I got my own little posse of Iron Chefs. YUM!

Oh I'll be so excited to update this after everyone has received their gifts!

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