10 December 2006

fa la la la la!

Because I have been christmas crafting since *MAY*, I've been in the spirit of the season for a good 6 months. Other people (like Tim, my roommate/BFF) take a little coaxing & a lot of wine to get into the ho ho holiday frame of mind. My game plan was to keep christmas decorating in the back of my mind - barely mention it, let HIM suggest putting up the tree. It happened Friday night.

The night started with me in the sewing room (where I've pretty much been tucked away for the last 2 months) Tim was in the closet (HAHA!!! getting the tree out....but seriously, what red blooded person can resist making jokes when a gay man goes into a closet? not me.) And Donald made us dinner - an incredibly wholesome looking dinner & since Amy Sedaris' book 'I Like You' was right there on the table, I decided this would be a good photo op. We didn't even stage it (you can tell we didn't cos I have a bunch of crap on the table):

"Dear mom, I am sure to include most food groups in my meals. I am healthy, don't worry."

With food on our plates & wine in our glasses
we entered the living room to sit on our asses
i looked over there & much to my glee
Young Tim! He'd set up my Rudolph menagerie!
And the Rudolph movie was playing on the TV!

(I made that up as I typed!)

What are the odds?

After our hearty meal, we got to work - folks, try not to drink *too* much wine before putting a tree together - it sort of requires a brain & Tim & I pretty much drank ours away right before getting to the task at hand but we eventually figured it out.

In an act of Supreme Hilarity, I put the Christmas stockings on my feet! Where do I come up with this stuff?

yardy har hardy!

Taking ornaments out of their boxes is exciting -- mostly because 'out of sight, out of mind' fully & completely applies to me so I totally forget about most of my decorations until they are right in front of my face.

Like Papa's famous 'Smash Mouth Santa'! (Looks like I got my craftiness from Papa Wee Willie!)

And most important of all! Bonhomme! (Not actually a tree ornament, but a zipper pull I used to wear on my winter jacket as a small girl or 'petite fille' -- he eventually came to live on my parents christmas tree & now mine & I wish Bonhomme was a year round guy - he's so super!)

And check out these totally adorable ice skates my aunt Kathy made me when I was little - She made these over 20 years ago & they are still extra awesome! (they are felt, with paperclips as the blades!)

After about 3 hours (I'm not even kidding) the tree was finally up & decorated:

The best tree yet!

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