03 December 2006


After a full day of crafting frustration so brutal I was almost in tears, I was quite happy to end it by making this little guy:

His back leg is a little thick, and he's one sided, but he was a joy to make & he made my day a billion times better before I wrapped him up in pretty tissue paper & packed him in a box to mail away. I hope you have a safe journey little elphalent.

so......my day has been so CRAZY that I *TOTALLY* just blanked on how to spell elephant - and after I typed it as 'elphalent' I had to read it over & over & I couldn't remember how to actually say elephant & I thought "hmmm...must be elphalent." And then of course I realized it was totally wrong but decided to keep the typo so that you could understand the mush my brain is turning into.

1 comment:

Greg said...

Don't worry about the elephant thing. I do that all the time with recieve.