13 December 2006

Merry Christmas to ME!


I've been pretty lucky this year - I've only had to buy one or two things for people, so I don't really have any right to complain about crowds - especially since the one place I went today was a high end skin care place - so it's not like there were throngs of people - but still, my streetcar ride home was enough to make me hate holiday shopping.

Which is why I'm SO glad I came home to my secret snowflake package! I had been so wrapped up in sending out my package to my own partner that I sort of forgot that *I* would be getting one in return! From a crafty friend whose name I do not know! How very *secret!*

I documented the whole thing:

a package! for ME!

all the way from San Diego! The only thing I know about that place is that in the late 90s boys from San Diego wore very tight girl jeans & white belts & that's where the Locust are from & I also know that highway 405 will take you from the Boom Boom Room down to Interstate 5 which goes right to...the San Diego Zoo San Diego zoooo-oo-oooo.

Anyway, then I opened up the package & read the card....searching for some clue about who my secret pal was!

I still had no clue.

but ooooo! What teasures were inside! And all wrapped up extra sweetly! yum!
First up - *BEAUTIFUL* ribbon!

And then 2 mixed CDs! AWESOME mixed Cds! My secret snowflake is obviously super awesome because these things are *perfect* I mean....The Make-Up! Rocket From the Crypt! Comets on Fire! *Small Brown Bike*!! remember Small Brown Bike??? The Hot Snakes! Dirtbombs! Tons more! (including Mean Red Spiders.....I mean...Come ON!)

Here I am being all like "daaaaaaaamn You have good taste SS!"

Things were getting hot in here so I had to take off my sweater - which is when I discovered that at some time during the day an earring that makes up one of my *most* favourite pair was MIA.

ear *with* earring:

ear *without* earring:

well, that was all soon remedied since, I kid you not - the next thing I opened was a pair of earrings!:

I'm all "Perfect timing Secret Snowflake!"

Next up was 3 balls of super soft DK yarn in 3 of my MOST favourite colours! Brown! Pink! Baby Blue!

smells good too!

And then some of the cutest bias tape I've ever seen (you can tell I think it's cute by how I'm shifting my eyes)

I'm all "ouch! bias tape, you're hurting me with how checkery cute you are! ow!"

But the pain didn't stop there! It just got pain-ier when I got to the little bag of vintage buttons!

Like tiny treasures in my hand!

Whoa! Wait! There was something else too!

This awesome One Skein Wonders book! For *SURE* this will be put to good use! Especially since I now have 3 lovely new skeins added to my stash!

Well...I am overwhelmed. To whoever the awesome girl is that put this all together for me & *obviously* put a lot of thought into it since I freaking loved everything in it - THANK YOU.

You made the day I lost one of my favourite earrings turn out to be a pretty great day.

And to the kind people of Toronto: If you find 3 delicate leaves, held together with tiny chain - that's mine. Please return ASAP.


Amber said...

Hahah you are ADORABLE. I didn't know about your blog before. I'll be tuning in!

knittykat said...

I *love* all the pictures! You are a lucky girl to get all that good stuff....yay! And I agree, Amber, she is too adorable for words.

nicole said...

ohhh you guuuuuuuuys! You're going to give me a big bloggy ego!

Jessica said...

AHH!! That was so exciting! Photo montages are the BEST!