25 March 2007

Don't be afraid of your freedom.

New socks for me!

I knit these without a pattern - basically a 2x2 rib with some cales. (first round I cabled the first knit rib, second row I cabled the second knit rib, third row I cabled the third knit rib etc etc etc...)
I used some Knitpicks 'Dancing' sock yarn in the Square Dance colourway. I'm a little unclear about this stuff - I *think* it's discontinued? If so, too bad. There's a little elastic in these which makes them really comfortably stretchy. Also, the yardage is fantastic - I could have knit the legs about 2" longer!
The pooling got a little crazy, but I really don't mind.Early on, Gord dubbed these the 'Soup Dragon Socks' & for good reason too!

I'm free...to knit what I want....any old time.....

Very similar hey?


Miss Muffy said...

Why does colour pooling have such a bad rap? Why can't it be a good thing? Your socks are faboo!

Anyhooz - thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Petit? Moi? *blush* I might be interested in a big batch of bulky yarn ... although I'm a little aprehensive about 'cookie monster' blue. More info?

Miss Muffy said...

Okay, totally interested in said yarn. Hmm... how to we exchange email/info without having it up for the world to see in these posts?

pamela wynne said...

Ha! These *are* soup dragon socks!

Miss13 said...

Girl, by the time you get my comment I am willing to bet you completed another pair. Rock on my stitchin' sister !

fivegallonbucket said...

hurray for patternless living!