09 April 2007

hippity hoppity

OMG...where do I even begin?

Who here loves a long weekend? Can I get a whut whut? I for one sure love them! They're so long! And weekendy!

This Easter weekend was a jam packed one, filled with tons of crafting!

The first crafty thing that happened was that I got some *amazing* mail on Thursday. I'm lucky to be a part of an amazing craft community that introduces me to so many amazing artists Courtney is an incredibly talented jeweler that I've admired for some time now & Anyhow, Courtney sent me an incredibly beautiful ring! I put it on straight away & have barely taken it off since! I'm incredibly touched to be the recipient of such a gorgeous gift.

(There are more & better photos on her you really should go look!)

Friday began awesomely with a delicious breakfast & the kitchener stitching of this sock:

This is a simple 2x2 ribbed sock. I cast on 64 stitches & went to town. I really love the stripes - the colours are really cute, I just wish there were more than 2 pink stripes in this sock.

It's Lang Super Soxx colour #6351. I used some Lang Super Soxx for a pair of Super Gord Soxx - I really like using this stuff, and it feels like the socks will last a good long time.

After I stitched up the toe, I cast on for the second sock & knit one row. Then I finished up the pomatomus sock I've been working on:

Here it is being modeled by my arm. These socks will be for my mother & her feet are 2 sizes smaller than mine. I'm using meilenweit maya for these which makes for the smooshiest softest sock I've knit yet. I cannot stop manhandling it as I knit.

der ner ner der dah dee dah...........

Fast forward to Saturday....
Gord & I went to his parents house where we spent the whole day making delicious food for our Easter dinner!


(Gord's niece & nephew were a awesome l'il helpers)

During all of this I snuck in little bits of knitting. I started a new project on Friday, hoping to get it totally done by the end of the weekend.

On Sunday Gord's sister Lorraine showed me how to make pysanka!

I was totally into this! It was a really fun project & now I want to hook myself up with the gear so I can make more of these! Mine are the two obviously novice eggs on the left in that photo. Lorraine's are the eggspert ones at the top.

Hers are so amazing that I told her she should put them on her resume!

Phew! so much fun making stuff! And aside from this stuff I also finally finished all the songs on Guitar Hero in the medium setting, watched all of Twin Peaks season 1, watched Half Nelson and.....

This lump of brown stuff will be a completed cardigan by tomorrow.



Emma said...

Wow, those eggs are gorgeos. Might I even say...egg-cellent! Looks like a lot of fun to make.

rahime said...

You are SO FAST! I especially like those stripey socks, and I can't wait to see the cardigan!

Miss13 said...

I watched Twin Peaks Season one too this weekend !!!
Season 2 is waiting on my shelf to be sprung open ;)
Girl you have been busy, and I love the eggs you painted...
Glad to see an update from you, I was missing you ^_^


Beth said...

Okay your "amatuar" eggs are far above and beyond my first try! Good job!

Miss Muffy said...

Where to start indeed - I would need the longest weekend in history to get all of that done!

Secondly, umm, WFMU t-shirt? Hello? I think we have mutual friends. In fact, I'm almost willing to put money on it. I go to the audio nerdfest (aka. WFMU record fair) every year!

shopgirl said...

hello! Just wanted to say your blog is great, your photos are great, and the title of your blog is even greater.

Can't wait to see the finished cardi. It's on my to knit list