14 April 2007

Bullet Proof Nothing.

Yesterday I spent close to 10 hours at a Medieval conference selling books. Party. Party.

By night fall I was totally ready for some funtimes! Gord & I went to see Simply Saucer!

It was enjoyable for sure, but nothing overly exciting. (ie: nothing to blog about even though when we had left the bar a girl said "what's going on in there?" I had had some lots of beer so my reply was "Simply Saucer! Go inside & see & write about it on your blog!!")

So there I am writing it on my blog.

Remember the lump of brown stuff in my last post? Well, it's now.......uhhh..kind of close to a cardigan:

A cardigan that I don't think I'll ever wear.

It's the 'Short Sleeved Cardigan' from the Spring Vogue Knitting. Here are the problems.

- I substituted cotton with recycled Swish Superwash wool that had originally been Gord's Morse code sweater. (long story) not sure this was a good way to go

- there are no button holes knit into the button band. You are to smush the buttons through the eyelet lace. A girl like me is virtually incapable of buttoning something up like this without it looking totally ass.


that photo perfectly shows my buttoning problem.

So what to do? It's comfy enough to wear, it fits well everywhere else - it's just ultra, mega short. I even considered adding one more lace repeat before the waist ribbing but for some reason opted not to. ah duh.

I think I might try to add some more to the bottom, but I'm not sure I'm up to that just now. Also, I don't know if you can tell by the photos, but it hasn't really been blocked yet - unless you count the brutal attack I made on it with the iron (shhhhh!)

I think I might get away with wearing it unbuttoned, but still...

I tried wearing a different coloured shirt underneath because I thought that maybe that'd help? Yeah, but no.



k8 said...

if it were mine, i would probably take the buttons off and wear it open all the time.
or add a tie/ribbon around the ribbed part and close it with that.

i think its really cute though.

Susannah said...

It does look very cute open. Possibly a pink ribbon? At least you won't be scolded by your lecherous boss about the length.

Miss Muffy said...

Salvage this! It looks super-cute! Hook and eye tape perhaps? I-cord belt loops and tie? As for the length, can't you just pretend it was supposed to be that way? All tops these days are either cropped or extra long anyway.
I can hear it whispering "please don't frog me, Nicole! I WUV YOU!"

Morgan said...

I think it looks cute & not too short when it's open. But I see what you mean about it being too short when it's buttoned. What a bummer to work so hard on something and not have it fit like you want!!

Jessica said...

I like it, too. Pink ribbon for sure. Brown and pink! Where have you been all my life?

nicole said...

I *tried* to wear this cardigan about 3 times this week. Every morning I'd give it a try but I couldn't bring myself to wear it out the door. And today is so sunny I *need* a short sleeved cardigan *just* like this one! It's killing me! This sweater sucks!

But thanks, everyone, for your suggestions.